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  1. There's a thread on KF that's been going for years, spork was the user who started it. I don't know if he's one of the guys in the video...
  2. I've got a 4 with the center fin. When the water is flat, ride the board flat and push against the fins and it rocks up with crazy. But you can't ride if flat and downwind, or even toe side, cos that center fin still wants to do its job and turns the board away from you the whole time. Also got a v3 -- or maybe 2 -- that I though had broken but was still going strong years after I "replaced" it. It was actually pretty good in the waves, first "halfpipe" type experience I had was on that board. It was easier to edge and control it than the 4... in fact, I wore the fins down to an inch or s
  3. Think I've got one... or maybe a Shockwave, can't remember. They look similar...? Harder to fly than the Rev 1.5 I've got, really needs some skill and decent wind. If it's your first Rev then ... good luck As has been said, you don't fly them like two-line stunt kites, or even a 4-line power kite. You want to balance front and rear line tension, a bit of tension on the rear to actually make it fly. You can't just dump the rears like a power kite. I can't hear what this guy is saying, but watch his hands...
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