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  1. Will be keen to swap for 12 if in similar condition, be hard to tell because im in NZ. Photos only. They never made a 13, it will be a 12. If was to sell id want at least $750, paid 1100 off ebay after taxes and shit. Would replace it with a chrono 9 if sold or swap chrono 9 if anbody keen.
  2. Sell for $750 or swap for a phantom2 12mtr, kite in ex cond, Green and black model. Kite only
  3. Na wouldn't bother , could try on flat beach just to try but would end up running it over from being close to ground, maybe a land board if you ride them. I think I'd still prefer kites on water.
  4. I use 17" road m/c wheels, fronts. Then clad them with core flute for aerodynamics. Tyres are off postie bike with all knobs cut off and polished smooth. Lighter than road tyres, unless you can get some used slicks off 125 race bikes.
  5. Just checked out Stockton bch on Google Earth. Foxton is a sandpit compared to that place. Big enough here to hoon for hours. Winds been slack here for months. Chrono 13 gets plenty of use.
  6. Yea it's a good spot but There's a group of people here that hate dirt bikes and dune buggies and have fenced the main dune .I've been going in still and can't see the harm I'm doing , no spinning wheels , no noise , no damage. Try telling them to look at what the wind can do in an hour. They drive around in there beach patrol Suzuki Jeep. Think they are after me. Now I head way up beach and they still watching. Do you have issues in oz like this
  7. No pm message. These kites are on trade me. NZ. Photos. Yeah 8 needs abit of wind alright. Tryed once and was under powered so only used on buggy after that.
  8. NZ. foxton at mo . Winds crap lately. 9 been sent back swapping for a 4. 6 mtr pulls well for size no need for bigger in dunes.
  9. Got a PL charger 3 12 for sale , as new hardly used and bought new. Been replaced with phantom. In. NZ
  10. I've got a 6 and 9 . Love the 6 but 9 doesn't suit as they are for sand dune only buggying and want a faster turn speed. Dunes are tight here. I'm going to trade 9 back for a 4 mtr. As far as power, awesome. Low end grunt is good. Good wind range and depower. Been using modded PL singles for a couple of years but now want depower.
  11. what day you hittn the beach up there . keen for a buggy at foxton on sunday . theres some k surf race on down there.
  12. lookn for PL phantom 2 12 or 15 in good nick or new if price is right.
  13. Giving uniq quads a lower angle of attack by altering bridle lenghts and putting rods in the L/E (like the paragliders) make it fly alot better and has low end power like nothing else. in standard form flying it standing in paddock it flew well but hook into a buggy and was another story being very stally and wouldnt punch ahead. ive tried a 2.5 with same mods and went very well.
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