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  1. Having recently had the opportunity to fly this kite on an ocean beach with laminar breezes, (static only, no buggy) I found that it didn't stall unless pushed toward the edge of the wind window, which it didn't like to approach very closely at all. Still pulled very hard, but needed to be kept moving as it won't park under like a Zebra Z1.

    Your suggested mods to the leading edge sound interesting, so I'll try those.

    Thanks for the feedback.



  2. IanD

    Peter Lynn Uniq Quad 4.5m2

    I'm glad it was useful Joel. The kite continues to impress with it's power, but I don't think that it will replace my Toxics or Zebra Z1 in terms of reaching high on wind. Extremely portable for its size, though. Cheers IanD
  3. IanD

    Peter Lynn Uniq Quad 4.5m2

    Thanks ssayre. I might do a followup when I get to fly it in some different wind conditions Cheers IanD
  4. Test Report on the Peter Lynn UNIQ QUAD Single-skin power kite, 4.5m2 version on 2 handles/quad lines Just for something different, I tried a single-skin kite, this one an offering from the Peter Lynn stable. Photos courtesy of Peter Lynn Kitesports (On account of I was too lazy to photograph my own-same size, same colour) TEST LOCATION & CONDITIONS Inland NSW, on a large, open sports complex Temp 27ºC Wind E to NE, 1 to 12kts, mostly around 5-6 kts. Static flying only. No buggy or board COMPARISON KITES HQ Toxic 5m2 Zebra Z1 3.5M2
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