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  1. I recently joined this fantastic forum and so I am catching up. IMHO, every kite is unique and exceptional in it's own way. I have flown sleds, inflatables, Peter Powels, Flexifoils, ARCs, Beans, single skins, bridled foils hang gliders.... It is a true passion that has never left me and a regular springtime illness. Pleasure Kite Category: For outright simplicity, my all time favorite is the Scott sled. It is impossible to make one that will not fly. I would do free clinics for kids for years. Thank you Frank Scott. Flexifoil stackers are the fastest commer
  2. FANTACTIC WORK ANDY !!! Your kite appears to fly very well in the video that you posted. Bravo! Have you ridden it at top speed yet (ie buggy or something)? How is it's power and depower? There is a lot to learn from your build. I had built a 12m from the P-ARC design ten years ago or so, but it had many issues. Seeing your video has encouraged me to take that one out again. I am unable to get it airborne, but I think I know why now. The inflation vent valves are wrinkled from storage and do not shut well. I am fixing that and hope to be out testing it shortly. But as I rec
  3. Thank you @andy666, I also came across some other comments about this kite, the "p-arc". Some said to reverse the letters to know why and that spells cra-p to me ;-) Unless it was a tuning issue, I see no sense making one then. Has anyone got this thing to drive proper? I will start by looking at the Surfplan file carefully. Maybe I can modify the kite parameters until I can get something that matches the F-ARC more closely. By printing key patterns such as the center and intermediate profiles, key panels, and basic overall dimensions of the end result, perhaps I can try to get a bet
  4. Hi All, This is truly great work! Bravo!!! So what is the verdict of this build after 3 years? Are there any updates to the plans or possible tweak suggestions? How does the skin from the 16m2 host kite hold up in the 6m2 over time? That is almost a 3X wing loading increase (16m2 to 6m2)! Are there some extra reinforcements to perhaps consider in some areas? I had found a file many years agi called the “buggy p-arc” The .sle file I had found I had “Henry Kulk” (Holland?) as the author and it was also 6m2 (could it be of the same origin?). My first build did not even f
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