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Quad leading edge mesh

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The leading edge mesh on my workhorse finally fell apart.  I let the holes at the fold points get too long - 18cm and 20cm.  It has had a hard life over the past 5 years, so I'm not complaining, but it is time to do something about it.

Instead of putting the same fibreglass mesh back onto the kite, I decided to experiment with 1.5 oz ripstop instead.

Check back in 2022 for a comparison...


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2 hours ago, andy666 said:

Wow that’s tidy. Did you cut it out with a laser plotter? 

No, I made a metal stencil thingy with that rounded slot.  Then I placed it along the leading edge at measured intervals and used a conical tipped soldering iron to hot cut each hole. Didn't take long, maybe 10 minutes.


Sometimes the manual way of doing things works just fine :hatsoff:

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