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  1. most companies do not exclude kites & kiting kit from personal possessions cover (away from home) if you pay the extra bit for £2-3K (or whatever your total kit is worth) of stuff
  2. Karen, Just do as much as you can - I think the 'vapour barrier' thing is a bit OTT, most just fit as much insulating material in as they can, whether its kingspan or other expanded foam product. Silver foil coating is supposed reflect heat back in, but I don't know how effective it is scientifically if there's no air-gap and you have carpet stuck over, the tricky bits are always the frames - some people squirt expanding foam in, but run any wires first! On my roof I used that double foil bubble wrap stuff from screwfix (bought it when they had an offer for 1/2 price) and then some bargain s
  3. overkill unless yer've put a bit of weight on? Rock & Roll baby! ;)
  4. well that will have torn it then...LOL
  5. Haven't got a lot of free time, but willing to represent the land side, esp the (3?) J permit holders - need to renew my permit tho Also my son might be able to help with website setting up/hosting if you need it
  6. Good news - especially about the UK manufacture - & if Flexi manage to do it for a reasonable price they will have succeeded where Ozone stumbled with the Stealth AFAIK it never got out of prototype stage because production costs were prohibitive.
  7. can't stress this enough ...TRY B4 YOU BUY! make sure you try an arc (phantom's are best for buggy) don't get too hung up on the launching, it *is* a bit different so get someone to launch for you, try an access (easy launch, but you won't be able to just let go if the bar like an arc) & anything else that take your fancy
  8. Located near Melbourne, Florida in the town of Indialantic, our kite shop serves all of brevard county and is dedicated to supplying hours of fun under the sun! - is in america?
  9. isn't that only if they keep on flying round & round up there - if they go back to where they started, don't they end up the same age?
  10. Bing Maps - driving directions, routes, and traffic shows the direction of the shore exactly - does this help?
  11. Look here>>> AOSPKC - Ainsdale Beach or here>>>> Sefton Council - Beach Management
  12. All BKSA clubs do that, but I've not seen much activity from the Ainsdale BKSA club, so I've sent my £5 to the Fleetwood club which has weekly meets & lots of extra triaining sessions & stuff organised this year >>>>> http://www.fleetwoodkiteclub.co.uk/
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