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  1. If I am right thee have been shut down for over 5 years?!! Anyone knows?
  2. Just got my 10.5. Will adding the triple A adjuster kit make much difference? ta
  3. Now on ebay Speed 2 19m Silver Arrow, ready to fly, good condition . With original bag, | eBay
  4. What part of the world is this? ta
  5. Speed 2 19m Silver Arrow, good condition . With original bag, The bar is a Speed 2 bar, lines are in good nick. There are spare lines extensions or some sort of extra line bits in one of the pockets which I am not sure of. light wind monster and pulls and pulls, gives you a proper work out! http://imgur.com/a/QF5kk
  6. £400 GOT TO be a good deal. RTF with bag. ORIGINAL
  7. PRICE REDUCTION: Now only £400! Conopy is mint! Really like new. ta
  8. Hi £450 right now. Pick up in London or posted. Ta
  9. Flys very well. Had reaplaced some parts. No repairs really needed. Just put in a new chicken loop. Comes complete with lines, bar and bag. Below is a video of my fling that low win beast. Sometimes got me going in as low as 5 mph... Amazing power ... PLAYING WITH MY BIG ONE - 19 meter kite.
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