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  1. Good to see/hear reports from Kingston SE this year. Unfortunately I couldn't get over this year, very much missing it!!! Hope everyone had a great time.
  2. We're here :) However have been doing the family holiday thing so far. I left my yacht out at the clay pan. Hopefully catch you guys out on the beach soon.
  3. Great to hear the positive reports. We will get to Kingston on Tuesday, and probably catch up randomly shortly after
  4. Booked in at Kingston SE from Jan 22nd to the Jan 29th Looking forward to catching you all there!
  5. I missed 2018. Damn sure I will catch up with you guys in 2019!!! Hopefully camp, and catch you guys on the beach/lake
  6. Thanks. Keep up the field reports! Watching with Envy
  7. I'm very sorry to say guys but I can't get across to Kingston this year to join you. All the usual excuses that didn't allow themselves to be ignored this time round. Sounds like its a great start, I hope everyone has a blast in 2018!!!!
  8. Thanks for the update from Kingston SE! Looking forward to making it across to catch up, still not 100% sure though.
  9. Any plans for tomorrow morning at low tide? I think it's low around 10.30-11. I'll likely just head to the same spot...
  10. Sailing Toop road beach at the moment. Quite nice if you stay out of the ruts
  11. Kite buggy ski foils.... Hi crew. Any plans for tomorrow (Sat 20th) or is everyone playing by ear? My plan A is to try the beach at the end of Toops road in the morning. Fingers crossed the wind turns westerly!
  12. Still can't turn me off, see you Saturday
  13. Thanks for the reports. Looks like we'll be catching you over on the beach
  14. Looking forward to the day I can trip across to sail with the sandgropers on walyungup!
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