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  1. Alan is a top bloke.... I contacted him a few years ago to ask if I could reproduce some race kite flags .not only did he give me permission.. he also sent me the pdf files for the logo... it's fantastic all the useful information well be preserved .. well done
  2. Here's mine..the best seats available by far.
  3. Guy Ward

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    Hi tom....good to be here...not doing to bad..just about getting back into things after 4 mths with a broken foot.. (non kite related)...so things are looking up...looking forward to getting back to the beaches... hope your well and things are good for you
  4. Hey tom...how's things?...hope everything is well with you...its  been a long time dude.... regards gringo?

    1. RedSky


      Hey Gringo,


      Very long time no see. Gareth mentioned you a while back, says he saw you at the beach. Are you still getting out there? How are you doing ?

      I'm not sure why I'm still here as I haven't buggied since last summer. Think I got out three times last year.

      Anyway, hope you are well.



    2. Guy Ward

      Guy Ward

      Ye its been way to long tom....still getting out when I can...not so much at weekend due to the works at camber last year...but did a few long weekenders and had a fantastic 8 days in les hemmes  last summer...not been out since  September due to the broken foot..but on the mend now...so ready to get back at it....saw you put a couple of vids up...The blade one was the last I think...  its shame your not getting out much...but great to see your still about.....wishing you all the best ...hopefully  out paths will cross again at some point

  5. Guy Ward

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    Haa haa ..brilliant ?
  6. Hi tom...bugger would have had the cat...would go on the van roof rack no probs...keep me posted if it dosnt go...cheers bud....hope your well
  7. Yup ak....very fast delivery too
  8. Oh of course 60's in my sights too but one step at a time..lol
  9. I love my cent 1s.. in the lightweight fabric ..currenrly chasing a 50 mph pb..so even by todays standards these are not slow
  10. Bloody toutch phone. .pain im the ass...edited .. does it make sense now ? Lol .l
  11. Lol..should say without wheels(the axle)..ime an illiterate ass...lol
  12. Think mine runs at about 60kg..maybe a bit more..but it is heavily modded..with a ptw axle...with blocks and plates but with no wheels the axle weighs 10 .5kg on its own
  13. Thought £30+postage...had a look online & can get a new one for just over 70posted...so up to you.dude...if it dosnt go give me a pm or email guyward4@googlemail.com...cheers bud
  14. His windchaser what you want.for the etrax 10 ? + mount...how' the condition ect .cheers.dude
  15. Hi bud As a reference.i got the gobi desert set in porche marine fabric..but it included the 11m too..huge paraglider bag...all rtf ..& posted for £740 a year &'a half ago think i got a bargain but ..hope this helps
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