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  1. The performance is greater than a Vapor 1 by a small amount, but getting the best out of them requires much more pilot input and skill. In the right hands they are very quick but will frustrate someone with less experience. I loved my Vapor 1's but when i tried the 2's they were just awkward to fly.
  2. One of the guys over here has tried the North, apparently its more Chrono than R1 in its performance.
  3. Your proably right that its not a game changer, we raced against the proto kites all last year and they were very quick. The now production kites are not exactly the same and in the very short blast we had at our last race weekend due to crap light winds the 14m Aero was no quicker than the Diablo's out there. We wait to see if the PL team pilots will again be tweeking their kites between every race to stay ahead of the competition or if the production kites are a bit closer in performance to the rest of the race foils out there. From all the racing we have done last year with these new kites we know the difference between the likes of the R1,Diablo,sonic and Aero are very minimal.
  4. Not tried a V2 yet but I can't see them being that much better !
  5. If that's the v2 then yes mega expensive ! I got 2 new V1's here in the UK at a very good price and one used 11m V1 at a good price from a guy in Oz. Id say they cover the range of 3 kites really well if racing and the 4th only if your cruising as you would be very underpowered !
  6. 2 diablos bought new here in the uk the third I bought used from an ex pat over there in oz lol
  7. Interesting sales
  8. Vapors were replaced as I wanted quicker kites, in 99% of conditions the diablos are faster, and round a buggy race course that's even more true I replaced my vapors over time so I got to know the overlaps with my new depowers. the overlap of the depower kites is massive and it what gives them a big advantage over fixed bridle. The 15 covers the usable range of the 16.1, 13.4, 11.2 and poss the 9.8 vapor. the 11m covers 9.8, 7.8, 6.5, 5.4 and poss 4.5 the 8 covers 5.4, 4.5, 3.8, 3.2, 2.7 never quite got to the top end of the 8m yet and it's bloody mental flying a kite that big in big winds, once in the buggy it's easy but launching and landing is a bit of a bum clincher !!!
  9. well after racing on vapors for nearly 5 years i can thoroughly recommend them as a superb stable fast kite, even for a race kite novice they are easy to use and fly quick on. the mk2 on the other hand whist very quick in the right hands is not one id recommend to a novice as it requires alot more pilot input. The new closed cell depowers are just amazing. I have raced the R1 and Diablo and flown most of the others. As long as you have a few Depower basics you will be up and running in no time. The trick is that to get the most out of them you need to spend the time learning them as the speed comes from the pilot input and its a touchy,feely skill that needs a bit of time to learn. The beauty of them is that they are so much more forgiving than Fb kites with a nice big overlap in wind range so if your racing a 11 and 15 can both be competitive in the same wind
  10. well ive just moved from Vapors to Diablos, Replaced 11 kites with 3 that cover pretty much the same wind range. The vapors maybe covered a little higher range as they went to a 2.3 and the smallest diablo is an 8, but at the top end i think the 15 diablo covers the lower end better than my 13.4 vapor did. Cost wise if you buy carefully there is almost no difference in buying each set on the second hand market atm but with the water boys changing kit so often i think the depower second hand market will become quite competitive with its pricing. one point is with only 3 kites you dont need to replace as many sets of lines etc
  11. I know your saying that only a handful of you may ever go abroad to race and racing as a whole is pretty new down under, but surely at some point if the sport grows then you will come under the influence of FISLY who are our international governing body. As such wouldnt it be easier just to start out using the correct prefix etc on your buggies rather than at some point having to change them again ? I know KA isnt great but neither is K here in England ? Over here each club is given a batch of numbers, so my club at Hoylake has the 700 and 800 numbers and CLSC has the 500 numbers. K1 to K10 are reserved for the top 10 pilots each year in our national series as in alot of other countries, but not many actually bother using them. Just some info and ideas for you guys, btw the racing rules are all on the FISLEY web site
  12. We were running down wind priority on the races where it was required but it did get a little bit fraught at times lol That type of beach is great as it adds a third dimension to the racing its not just the kites or pilot skill but your ability to read the beach and pick out some unusual lines that can win you a race or two. Day 1 was great with the onshore wind and the Vapor pilots were away and gone with James and the French pilot making the most of the good conditions, day 2 was a bit of a pig with the wind coming and going plus the gusts from the buildings playing right into the hands of the de-power boys. The guy who won 2 races that day was on a sonic and it was his first time out on them ! Me I was a bit dissapointed with 37th over all after some promising races but once your 11m gets wet it aint never gonna fly
  13. well my kite is here in the uk but im still waiting for my bar and lines to arrive, hopefully it will be here in time to take it to belgium for the euros in sept for a proper test
  14. try poring full fat coke over it ive done that and it worked
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