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  1. Hello, selling my 7m PL Swell kite. Hasn’t been much used, it’s in very good condition. Good wave kite, drifts well. Comes with complete bar and lines and a bag. Selling because of upgrade. $700 ONO. pick up in Hornsby (Sydney) or can post within Australia. Cheers, Marcin
  2. Hi all, selling my Griffin TRX PRO 2013, 14m, kite only. It's been gathering dust so maybe somebody can still use it. It's in good condition. I pumped it today, no leaks. Fabric in good condition, a couple of small patches. It had only little use, I prefer my 10m kite. Price $200 ONO. I'm in Sydney, can post at buyer's expense. Cheers, Marcin
  3. Hi, I have an old Ozone Frenzy 7m2 foil (2005) I don't need anymore and I'm giving it away. It is complete with bar, lines and backpack. It's still in reasonable condition, no damages. Flies ok for its age. Pickup in Hornsby (Sydney) or can post. Marcin
  4. Hello, I'm looking for an old depower foil in reasonable condition, not older than 2006: * size 7-9m * preferably Ozone * bar & lines not required * The budget is tight I know they are slow but I just need something to pull me, no fancy stuff. If somebody has one of those collecting dust pls contact me, I'm happy to extend its life a bit longer Cheers, Marcin
  5. Hi, this is what I need. Andy: thanks for your offer but I'm looking for one with integrated cleat. Marcin
  6. Hi, I'm after older model chickenloop from Griffin, with integrated metal cleat and red push away release, or something similar. Marcin
  7. no problem mate, can take my car.. see you there Marcin
  8. I'm in Belfield but can be dropped off/picked up from another suburb. Marcin
  9. Hi, anybody interested in car sharing? It's me + my 10yo son (undecided) + 1x landboard + 2x fixed bridles + 1x depower + basic camp gear. I'm not over talkative, don't bite or smoke but like beer I'd like to leave my car for wife to use. can go Fri arvo the earliest. I'm planning to camp. Marcin
  10. I tried a couple of different apps: Wind Alert - free - configurable as a widget, shows wind speed and direction Wind Guru - free - similar format like windguru on the web, shows wind speed, clouds info, temperature in many different spots Wind Finder - speed, direction, temperature The Kite and Windsurfing Navigator - paid - pretty advanced kiting spots guide with forecasts - I like this software, am yet about to try the paid maps for NSW, you pay for the region ($3 for NSW), there's a sample info from South Africa. It takes the wind info from Windguru.
  11. Hi, any idea where can I buy skate bearings fitting mbs hubs in Australia? The dimensions are 9.5x28mm Marcin
  12. I can share some good sausages for the fire...
  13. that's great, thanks. is the camping there actually legal?
  14. Hi all, I'm thinking of joining you in Stockton, I ride a landboard, would anyone have a spare buggy to try out? Is anybody planning to camp in the dunes, I'd be keen on that? Cheers, Marcin
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