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  1. I fly a Swing ARCUS PG, flown The Vee(Co Tipp) afew times as well as a couple of moutains down in Kerry over here in Ireland. Only started PGing about 4 years ago and as you know it's the bad weather that keeps use grounded. I got given a 'UP' 'Makalu' wing (for my 45th Bday,two weeks ago) from one of the guys in our club(Riff-Raff Aviator Club) to start PPG :-) and another member has given me the use of his H&E motor, so this should get me more air time. Sean
  2. I've a bellypan templete somewhere,I'll see if I can find it. Sean PS. Your avatar has a Paraglider, do you Paraglide ? I do when I get the time.
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