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  1. How high is brace, from the axle... thinking about doing my axle. Sean
  2. West Cork Flyer

    Flexifoil Buggy

    What's the story with the axle, some of the photo's it looks straight and in others it looks like is has bends/kinks at the ends towards the wheels. What model Flexifoil buggy would this be ?. As I have the same one but with the wider wheels. Sean
  3. I fly a Swing ARCUS PG, flown The Vee(Co Tipp) afew times as well as a couple of moutains down in Kerry over here in Ireland. Only started PGing about 4 years ago and as you know it's the bad weather that keeps use grounded. I got given a 'UP' 'Makalu' wing (for my 45th Bday,two weeks ago) from one of the guys in our club(Riff-Raff Aviator Club) to start PPG :-) and another member has given me the use of his H&E motor, so this should get me more air time. Sean
  4. I've a bellypan templete somewhere,I'll see if I can find it. Sean PS. Your avatar has a Paraglider, do you Paraglide ? I do when I get the time.
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