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Found 12 results

  1. Flysurfer have released a new(?) control bar. The Force control bar. Heres some pics. What are people’s thoughts? Complete package Quick Release 4.0 Different colours? Short safety leash and replaceable chicken loop. Rumour is that Flysurfer are releasing an all new “Click” bar next session ?
  2. Enjoy flying a North Rebel? It may very well become a Duotone Rebel or TRUE Rebel for 2019 North Kiteboarding is now Duotone Sports ( https://www.duotonesports.com ). Dealers around the world are currently having their meetings, with the new product range being introduced to them. Watch this space
  3. North Rhino 12m: $150 Has some markings and previous repairs Bladders hold air Has 5th line attachment point, with 5th line. Can easily be removed for 4-line bar North Rhino 16m $220 Canopy pristine/mint condition Bladders hold air Has 5th line attachment point, with 5th line. Can easily be removed for 4-line bar Or both for $350, exkite members only All working and suitable for intermediate to experienced kiters being old-school C-kites. Not sure on year - 2005? They're up on Gumtree and ebay for $500. Postage extra. Let me know your postcode. Kite and bags only, as shown.
  4. Plenty of great used gear currently on offer. Full details and pricing here - http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_list&c=51 (USED) 2010 North Fuse 9m2 (USED) 2010 North Fuse 9m2 $125.00 Manufacturer: Nobile Kiteboarding SKU: 1926 (USED) 2010 Naish Helix 12m (USED) 2010 Naish Helix 12m $150.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1929 (USED) Cabrinha Chaos 7m2 (USED) Cabrinha Chaos 7m2. No Bar $250.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1930 (USED) 2012 North Rebel 13m2 (USED) 2012 North Rebel 13m2 $340.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1908 (Used) USED 2013 North Rebel 12m2 Kite and bag only. $450.00 SKU: 1909 (USED) Nobile 50Fifty Kite 10m2 (USED) Nobile 50Fifty Kite 10m2. Complete with bag and control bar. $500.00 SKU: 1906 (USED) North Gambler 2016 The test winning wakestyle board is back for 2016; the choice of top pros like Tom Court and Crag Cunningham the Gambler offers the ultimate in wakestyle performance. Size options: 139 x 41cm Choose foot pads/straps: Board and fins onlyEntity Combo (Add $209.00)North POP Boots (Add $599.00) $550.00 Manufacturer: North Kiteboarding SKU: 1904 (Used) Shinn Pinbot, excellent condition. New for 2015 comes the Pinbot, totally intuitive to ride and hugely versatile in all conditions, no other board handles such a myriad of conditions and styles with so much aplomb. Choose your size: 138 x 42 $619.00 Manufacturer: Shinn Kite boards SKU: 1902 (USED) Naish Motion 2016, with bindings. The Motion is for riders looking for unrivaled versatility in one do-it-all design. Size options: 134cm $629.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1903 (Used) 2016 Nobile T5, excellent condition Nobile patented APS technology with �wavy channel system� takes the T5 to new freeride heights. Choose your size: 134 x 41 $699.00 Manufacturer: Nobile Kiteboarding SKU: fs-boost_used (Used) Flysurfer Boost 13m2 Feel the unstoppable dynamic force of an IKA registered racing machine. Experience quick turning speed, explosive lift, incredible hang-time, amazing upwind ability and forward speed. Size: 13m Bar: No BarInclude Infinity 3 Airstyle bar 50cm (Add $650.00)Include Infinity 3 Airstyle bar 60cm with 6m extensions (Add $720.00)Include Infinity 3 Race bar 50cm (Add $720.00)Include Infinity 3 Race bar 60cm (Add $720.00) $790.00 Manufacturer: Flysurfer SKU: 1683 USED 2014 Naish Torch 8m Complete Excellent condition freestyle kite with a world wide reputation second to none. $999.00 SKU: 1910 (USED) 2015 North Evo 11m2 (USED) 2015 North Evo 11m2. Complete with bag and control bar. $1000.00 SKU: 1218 North Whip 2014 The Whip is our high volume euro wave shredder, designed for those days when the waves aren’t packing much punch and you still want to have a good session. Size: 5'7" $1089.00$599.00 Manufacturer: North Kiteboarding SKU: 1931 (USED) 2016 Naish Park HD 10m2 (USED) 2016 Naish Park HD 10m2 with bar $1099.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1922 (USED) Naish Pivot 2016 7m2 (USED) Naish Pivot 2016 7m2 $1199.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1927 (USED) 2016 Naish Park HD 12m2 (USED) 2016 Naish Park HD 12m2 with bar $1199.00 Manufacturer: Naish Forgot this one- SKU: 1933 (USED) HQ Toxic II 3m2 (USED) HQ Toxic II 3m2 $199.00
  5. So most of us by now have seen the 2017 North Clicker Bar, and the infamous 2016 Year of the $1000 Kite Bar discussion. Well it seems like North isn't the only one planning on an integrated bar for 2017 and beyond, we've stumbled over some more Patent Information that also opens a separate topic of "peak kiteboarding," a bit like "peak oil." Here's some info regarding Ocean Rodeo, BEST, North and Spleene's future bar designs. Ocean Rodeo Adjustable Kiteboarding Bar Patent Info & Design: https://www.google.com/patents/WO2013140329A2 BEST Kiteboarding Adjustable Kiteboarding Bar Patent Info & Design: https://www.google.com/patents/US8398030 North Kiteboarding 2017 Click/Clicker Bar Patent Info & Design: https://www.google.com/patents/US8573540 Spleene Kiteboarding "Bar of the Future" PDF Info: http://spleene-kiteboarding.com/pics/Spleene/bar-of-the-future.pdf
  6. New video of the North 2017 Rebel, not sure what's more appealing to watch the kite or the scenery
  7. Noè Font - Regenerated, really chilled and enjoyable kiteboarding video.
  8. Hello fellow Kiters! Are you sitting confortably?... Good... then I'll begin. My 21st birthday was coming up and I had already been flying kites for a bit, so I decided I'd take it to the next level and try it out on water. Have to admit I did a fair bit of research on what kite to get as it's not a cheap hobby to pick up! I finally decided that for my weight (about 10.5 Stone), a 12 metre kite would do the trick well. So I eventually got the '06 Rhino with the 5th element bar as it seemed like a wise investment, judging by what other people had told me and I took the IKO levels with it. I've now had many sessions with it on the water and from my experiences these are the pros and cons of this kite. Pros: Setting up this kite is literally idiot-proof, you can't go wrong, if you can and you have, get in touch with me so that I may mock you endlessly. This kite is amazingly stable, it just refuses to stall or slow down in most cases, that 5th line adds a lot of strength and stability to the C-shape so there's not much chance of it going "floppy" on you. Manouvers well in the air and can be adjusted for quicker or slower turns depending on your style of riding. If your a fan of big air (and I am) this kite will keep you smilling all day long. The power this thing can muster is sometimes scary but great fun. All modern North kites come with this now but the Ironheart safety device works great and is easy to take apart and put together again. Water re-launching is fairly simple once you get the hang of it, the 5th line does make a difference I think. The bag that comes with it is huge, which is great since you can fit half your gear in too, but it's pain in the ass if your flying with it trust me, airlines don't like you for it. Cons: Since this kite is designed for competition freestyle jumping among other things, it doesn't like to come down often and can be a bit problematic in water if you need it to. The battens on this kite ( little plastic rods inserted along the kite to maintain shape ) are a bit fragile, I've already broken 2 packing it away, but the good news is that it comes with spares The 5th line makes a self rescue procedure interesting, i've almost had it power up before whilst wrapping the lines which was slightly concerning... My Opinion: I personally think this kite is great, I actually liked it so much that I bought a 14 metre Rhino four months later. I started kitesurfing with it and I'll admit it's not the most beginner friendly kite to use, but once your doing water starts confortably this kite has some real attitude on the water, it delivers a lot of power which is pretty easy to control. The fact that it doesn't like to come down can be considered a good or a bad thing depending on how often you fall in. Hope you find this review helpfull and I would appreciate feedback or even personal experiences with this model. Ride safe ! By : jammy_salsa
  9. I got this kite last year, at the end of season, making wind a hard thing to find. I'm actually a surfer, so I normally curse the winds name; however, since I got this bad boy, I'm praying for it every night. The kite is great. The 06 models were the last year to be a C-kite and seeing as how this is all I've ridden, I love it. I'm at 6'3" 185 and as long as I get 17 mph I can stay up wind with no problem at all. When I ride at a surf break I need about 19-20 to be able to stay up wind easily, due to the current. Jumping is great on this kite. I was scared at first, but once I sacked up I learned how to place the kite and take off. Jumping off waves makes it way easier and more fun. Landings are cake as long as you keep the kite higher and don't bring it too low, otherwise I've found you can have a pretty hard fall (but that's most likely my inexperience). Surfing is a challenge mainly cause it's a C-kite, therefore it doesnt' give the 100% depower that is necessary to REALLY surf the waves. Also, with the depower only giving about 85% (I would say about that much) in higher winds, around 25mph, you can start to feel like you have no control over when you stop. Best trick is to cut TOO far up wind with your board and let the kite slow lose speed, but sometimes it can be a pain not being able to stop right when you want to (like you could on a bow). All in all, I love it. Again, haven't tried anything else, but this was my first kite and it has served me well. To anyone looking to get there first kite and trying to save some money, seeing as how this is a 06 C-kite, you should be able to get a sweet deal on it. I would highly suggest it. By : ihatedannymiske
  10. RaceKites

    North Buster 5M

    The North buster is another LEI kite from North to be reviewed by me. This kite is also rated as a beginners kite according to North and like the Toro is a little fat in the mid section. I don't think may shops would carry this model now as this model was replaced by the Toro as a starter kite. To start I would like to say something about the construction of this kite. It is superb. Again a beautiful rucksack Nicely constructed with lots of pockets for storing all your little bits. I must say that North probably puts too much effort into the construction details of their kite bags. Maybe some of the price of the kit could be knocked off if they didn't have such a wonderful rucksac..... damn it another great school bag, to show of I'm into the kites. Anyways, the kite is awsome again the stiching is top notched, with heavily reinforced seams. The kite fabric is also of an excellent quality and is smooth to the touch. Even after 2yrs of bashing from the trainees of the kite school. This kite was put through the daily routines of flying at the hands of beginners and crashed at least 10times per day. Yet it was still in a great condition. Much better than plenty of others I have seen. One up for construction again for North. Flying the 5m kite was ok, pretty stable in the 15mph winds of the beach. It was fast through the wind window probably due to it's size at just 5m. There was absolutely minimal lift, actually none that I can even remember. The power was smooth and predictable, definately not the least bit scary. And again the action of the kite bar to turn the kite was small requiring very light touch for the kite to respond. I kinda got bored with this one after 30mins of static flying and desperately trying to do some tiny jumps which at this wind speed proved a little lame on my part. Unfortunately I only had a brief session on the board with this kite when the winds picked up. And as a rather mild mannered kite it was smooth but uninspiring. Very managable for the newbie such as myself. Overall I would say this is a good beginners kite, smooth predictable very friendly. Good kite to learn board skills on, but again like the Toro, it is easily out grown, as one progresses. Hard to find in shops brand new, due to it being a tad old now. But would be a good starter kite if you find one cheap on ebay. The high quality construction makes it last for ages if handled with some care. By : ishgoh
  11. RaceKites

    North Toro

    The North Toro is a kite aimed at the kite surfing side of the market, being a LEI kite. It is relatively fat in the centre compared to the other North LEI's. This kite is meant more for the beginner as an introduction kite for Kite surfing use. Not overly fast and definately not as lifty as the Blade 3. On the quality side of things I think North has it sorted. The kite has very well stiched seams, The kite fabric was nice. The back pack thingy it came in was well made, beautiful and had tons of extra space for storage of other goodies such as your keys and mobile. Actually it is such a nice looking bag I think i want to get one just to use for school. The bladders of this kite seemed very rugged and could take on quite a lot of pressure. There is a inflation valve, as well as a deflation one, to get all the air out of your kit. Again the stiching around the valves are well stitched and reinforced. Probably could last you a long time, if you don't crash it too often. Being an absolute beginner to the sport, I have to say the North was not the least bit daunting to fly. And within the first hour of flying this kite I could feel where it was in the wind window with my eyes closed. It definately doesn't kick you when you are not looking and the pull is very smooth and progressive. I used this kite for some body dragging excercises in the water as well as some scudding around the beach and it was easy peasy, definately not frightening. I am sure a 12yr old could fly it no problems. It hovers above your head with no upward pull. Even when the wind was quite fresh at 15-20mph in the Costa Brava. it just wants to sit above your head all day without bothering you as you mess about below like trying to light your ciggy, and have a long distance call on your mobile. As this kite is steered via the brakes; the action on the bar is very light. And it is definately possible to steer it with one hand, with ease. Unfortunately I didn't manage to use it on the board and this review is only bout how the kite handles for lame things such as body dragging and scudding around the beach. But having flown more than a dozen different kites since then I have to say this is definately recommended for beginners and those who want something a little bit calm and relaxing. For the adreneline junkies and freaks out there, you would outgrow this kite in a day. Beg and borrow if possible but definately try this kite out before you decide to purchase it. Maybe the larger sizes may be a tad bit more aggressive in high winds. Can't comment on that though. Definately recommended for schools but for the individual you could have more luck looking elsewhere. Just too much money to splash on something you will outgrow fast. Even though the quality makes many brands look the crap, and adds to the resale value. Hope this review is going to be of help to some, I look forward to adding more reviews of other kites in the future. I have since tossed the LEI's and gone back foils. By : ishgoh
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