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  1. Legendary sport kite, capable of many of the basic tricks, and comes complete with "Spoilerz" which are flaps that sit inside each wing half and are designed to allow the kite to be flown in stronger winds (20-25knots). Icarex and mylar sail, tapered graphite frame. It was designed for competition, when there were still sport kite competitions. It is signed by Prism's owner Mark Reid, and the co-designer. The kite has "demo not for resale" written on it, as it was sold to us with some damage on it (patched sail). See Pics $150 + shipping complete with bags (for kite and Spoilerz with instructi
  2. Ozone Riot 9m- Kite only, no lines. $250 plus postage. Also in excellent condition. It's been replaced as my light wind kite by the 10m Nasa wing. Never really had the 9m out and powered up.
  3. This is Peter's website http://www.sportkite.com/ I purchased a few of these custom made kites, 2 of which I'll keep as I like them to decorate my home and to remind me of good times in the industry early days. This one is called "Vanishing Point" The kites is full size so around 2M wingspan, Icarex sailcloth, crossover active bridal, tapered graphite Avia G-Force frame, its a special low to medium wind sport kite, not built for modern tricking but can stall and axle, etc, nicely. I paid around $500USD for each of these kites back in approx 2002, but am realistic about selling them so I'm ask
  4. I'm selling all my old kites which includes a 2015 North Dice 6m $650 (kite only) 2015 North Dice 9m $895 (complete with bar and lines) 2015 North Dice 11m $975 (complete with bar and lines) 2013 Airush Razor 7m $400 (complete with bar and lines) 2013 Crazyfly Sculp 8m $450 (complete with bar and lines) please email me if interested: antbrownkite@gmail.com
  5. Does anyone out there on the EK have a spare control bar lying around, that they do not have a use for anymore? Don't need any other accessories apart from the bar itself. Need it for a project that i'm working on. And needs to be fairly cheap, if possible. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, I really hope it's not just me, but I'm struggling to see how I list and sell some spectacular kiting gear on this site. I've searched and can see where, but more importantly I cannot see HOW to list my items. There's no 'create a buy/sell listing' or 'sell' button anywhere! - please advise. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Sysmic S2 Kite Bugyy in Stainless Steel (SOLD) This has been a good buggy, it's a Gen1 Sysmic S2 which most of the Gen2 features (spacer plates etc) were all based off as I built them and communicated with Christophe (Sysmic). All Gen2 parts can be retrofitted if you want to change things in the future like adding Bigfoots etc. Right now this setup suits running either Barrows, Midis or 17" Discs and is flexible for those options. This comes with a Gen2 seat currently on it, and a Gen1 seat as spare. The Gen1 seat had some flaws which I had corrected at an auto-upholsterer. Two sets of
  8. Flysurfer Speed3 Deluxe 12m : Complete with Bag, Lines & Flysurfer Infinity Bar $1200 + Post. Since purchase kite was used mostly for land kiting at Extreme Kites meets and a handful of kiteboarding sessions. Kite is in really good condition with no rips, tears or holes in the kite. This is an AMAZING light wind kite for the buggy, a brilliant kite for the land board and the perfect general size for kiteboarding. Being a Deluxe fabric kite it will get going in lighter winds than the standard as observed many times watching others struggle with theirs and it is less prone to stalling
  9. HQ Prodigy 4.2m Race Kite $200 (Credit Card Payments Accepted) Excellent / As New Condition. Kite + Bag Only, No handles & lines. All prices exclude postage. Pickup welcome, located in Melbourne. Here's a 4.2m HQ Prodigy laid out over my old 4.5m PL Vapor.
  10. I've been clearing out a heap of old stuff that's been kicking around, here's some gear I pulled out of one of the boxes. 3x Individually Unique Handles 1x Ozone Handles 1x Good Ozone Leash 1x Rooted Ozone Leash (good for spares for the above leash) 1x Old School Leash 1x Set Peter Lynn Kite Killers 2x Sets Radsails Kite Killers 1x Set Ozone Kite Killers 1x Set PKD Kite Killers $20 + Post. Pickup welcome. Located in Richmond, Melbourne. SOLD!
  11. I thought about selling this a year ago but changed my mind -- this time it really needs to go. My powerkiting days are over I'm afraid What's for sale: -Sysmic S2 buggy, powder coated steel with midi XL wheels. In tip top condition - has been maintained fastidiously. -buggy tow hitch bracket, which slides into any standard square tow hitch. Means no trailer or disassembly required to get to and from there beach/park. Has lockable clasps so you can leave the car without worrying about their buggy getting flogged. This was custom made by me for my buggy and it makes getting to the beach and
  12. My upright piano that I have had since the mid 1970's bought second hand at the time now is up for grabs, free to whom ever is willing top pick it up from my place in Point Cook, VIC, Australia. Piano frame has some damage to the lower corner but does not affect the playing of it. Has not been tuned for 5 years, so new owner will need to have it tuned. Here are the pictures of it: Looks like I have reached some picture limit, will post the rest of the pictures in the next post. Reason for giving away is that we are moving over seas. PM me if you are interested. You get for free the
  13. For sale, R-Sky NSE Standard, very good condition. $280 including postage. Happy to supply extra photos. cheers steve
  14. Since we are moving house to over seas, we can not take our plants with us, so two of them are offered for $0.00. One Queensland Bottle Tree including pot and pebles, approximately 2 meters tall: --- queensland bottle tree has been given away 17 Sep 2015. One West Australian Kings Park Special Callistemon including pot, approximately 2 meters tall: -- given away 21 Sep 2015 Strictly pickup from my place at Point Cook, VIC, Australia only. Please send me a PM if you want them. Regards, Norman and Tricia.
  15. FOR SALE KITES 1) FLEXIFOIL BLURR 2.5 METER $ 250.00 SOLD 2) FLEXIFOIL BLURR 5.0 METER $ 350.00 3) FLEXIFOIL BLURR 7.0 METER $ 400.00 4) FLEXIFOIL SABRE.2 5.0 METER $ 450.00 5) FLEXIFOIL SABRE.2 9.5 METER $ 550.00 6) OZONE ACCESS.2 4.0 METER $300.00 7) OZONE ACCESS.2 6.0 METER $450.00 SOLD 8) HQ MONTANA IV 7.0 METER $450.00 9) HQ MONTANA IV 9.5 METER $5
  16. My personal kites, I'm not using them anymore, for lots of reasons, but not because these are not all awesome kites collected by me over the last 23 years of my kite addiction! Just want to them to find new homes with younger people that will fly them and get some fun from them. I have a lot more than whats listed, including a complete collection of Benson kites (except for the very latest stuff) All of them are special in some way, some were demo's from Prism, Bob Dawson, Neil Taylor, Peter Betancourt, etc. I want to move these kites and am open to offers. If you after any particular Benson
  17. Neil Taylor, now based in Perth and still operating HTLK, but mostly doing kitesurfing repairs. Not sure of the name of this model, another lightweight sport kite, Icarex sail, 5.5mm hollow carbon frame approx 1.5M wingspan with bag $60 + shipping
  18. Another RD Sport Icarex sail, 4mm solid carbon frame, "active" bridal, low wind 1.4M wingspan trick kite, with bag $60 + shipping
  19. Hey gang, I'm putting the last of my Reactor II's on the for sale block. I thought I might eventually use it again, but I'm just not sure thats going to happen with how much I am loving my Nasa Star 3 quiver. SO... here it is, a 3.5m PL Reactor II. I am told it was made in custom colors out of a lighter weight fabric for a PL team rider. You can see it is not the usual colors of the Reactor II series: Aside from its custom colors, here's what I believe makes it special: Firstly it belonged to the PL Team Rider (kinda Cool), and from there it went to PKF's beloved one and only Don L
  20. Hi Guys, Selling my gear due lack of use. Peter Lynn Comp Buggy II with wide wheel set - WAS $540 NOW $490 ONO Ozone Access 4m (2012) - $500 Revised down WAS $450 ONO NOW $400 ONO Ozone Access 10m (2012) - $900 Revised down to $850 ONO NOW $800 ONO Ozone Access Base Harness - $70 Revised down to $50 OR The lot for $1400 Does not include shipping ... happy to deliver in Melbourne region. Regards Johnny G 0409 252 019
  21. For sale Flysurfer 8m Speed 4 (standard cloth) $900, free postage (in Australia) The kite is in excellent condition and has had very little use, as the pictures below show. Comes with bag and complete repair kit. This is a great high wind kite and it is a shame to sell it, but it's time for an upgrade.
  22. Brand New with tags - DAKINE Chameleon harness for sale. I believe from looking on the net that it is possibly a 2012 model but I have only had it for 12 months. It has never been used. Price tag shows $179.99 but I am selling it for $125 + registered post. Size M = 32-34" (81-86cm). Or I am willing to trade/swap for a suitable seat harness with bar - e.g. Libre Deluxe or HQ Buggy Harness - size M. Located in Whyalla, S.A. Thanks, Mark.
  23. Hi Guys, Seeing as I have not used my gear for the best part of 3 years, its time to move it all on. Will be selling as a complete package, not really interested in splitting it up, and would also like the buyer to collect rather than post. I am selling: 1 race buggy, custom made from 316 stainless steel, all welds neatly tig welded, this is a very strong and stable buggy, in a used, good condition. 1 freestyle / beginner buggy, custom made from 316 stainless steel, all welds neatly tig welded, this is a very strong buggy, in a used, fair condition. 1 rear freestyle / beginner bug
  24. Unlocked, Telstra (Huawie) 4G wifi modem, E5372T. $80, free postage. modem is used, but still in perfect condition. Has a built in battery, so would be a good travel modem to take on holidays.
  25. For sale $50 plus postage - Competition XR Axle 100cm - 40Ø - 20mm Thread It's been sat in my garage since I got the 140cm Gigastrong axle.
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