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  1. BobbyO

    Bobby O's Buggy

    Here are some pics of the sysmic 3 with a lot of alterations. Finding a fender took awhile but there was a company that actually made a metal one that I could get in between the fork legs.....First chance I get I'll be out there with one of the smaller kites I have and see how she rides. It roles really easy so this should be good.
  2. BobbyO

    Sysmic S3

    It doesn't fold up into the bag. It folds up so you can stick it into the back of an suv. You have to take it completely apart ,then it fits in a bag!
  3. BobbyO

    Sysmic S3

    I will do that!! If you go on Buggy Kite Shop's site , you can see that they also sell a carrying bag that you can put the whole buggy in if you decide to take it apart!! This is how they're able to sell it to people all over the world. I'm having some special things done to it which will make it even nicer.
  4. BobbyO

    Sysmic S3

    Well here it is Sept. 2020 and Chris tells me I'm on target to get my Sysmic 3 at the end of Oct-Nov. I can't wait!! Once it's together , the thing I like about it is that you can loosen the swan neck connection , slide it out with the front wheel. Disconnect the 2 bolts that hold the 2 piece axle into the rear plate , then the seat section stays in one piece , the 2 rear wheels are separate with their half of the axle , and you can shove the whole thing into the back of an SUV!! You get to the beach , shove the swan neck together , put the axles in their place , tighten everything up , away you go!!
  5. BobbyO

    Sysmic S3

    I was just in contact with Chris from Buggy Kite Shop. I'm interested in the Sysmic 53 MIDI XL. He said they're on hold for now because the company they use for the heat treated aluminum has other orders to fill that require larger amounts than what Kite Shop uses. He'll let me know by end of January 2020. The buggy is still the best if you're looking for ease of transport! The whole thing fits in a bag you can carry!
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