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  1. I know that.. As I remember u've told me via ebay it was 100 that time (unfortunately my bid didnt win). Jollyjumper told me thet exp post international $123.30 3-7 days parcel air $117.55 3-10 days parcel sea $58.00 60-90 days I really want this kite but Im also limited in money and 750 with postage is already above my limit. that means I need it for 600+ Sorry if disturbin u guys and thaks for advices
  2. And of course I know that Europe is better for me. It's cheaper and closer. But I have no results of my search there, so Im tryin to look for the item every where I can.
  3. I think that every offer is unique and every deal is personal. Ive made a typo in pm which Ive send to you (actually its 600-650) so now you made everybody here to not make offers to me with that wrong info. And one more reason for pm: Im not perfect in english so sometimes I need to re-ask smth, and for me its more convinient to talk via pm. Peace )
  4. still here.. has anybody got smth for me?
  5. Request is still relevant! Dont pass by, sell your frenzy ))
  6. somewhy I dont see how to contact you in your profie so pm me please or contact on facebook.com/spitfiretheone
  7. cmon! still want it and waiting!
  8. oh sorry) I'm just postin via smartphone while doing my job, so..
  9. eh I saw yours but 2011's are too expensive for me
  10. It is sold now (on eBay). But thanks for your attention )
  11. Hi guys, as the title says I'm looking for a 2009 7-9m frenzy in red-orange-black color (kite, bar, lines, bag). As good condition as possible. Cheers, Ev
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