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  1. Hi Joel, I think I still have 2 of them...I know I dont have the really massive one any more I will be needing a break soon too. R
  2. Hi Guys, Ive been away for a few years working and now im back in Melbourne I was wondering if you can still buggy over in Ajax park in Altona?? Also interested in any other locations with hard sands and long beaches within an hour or so of Melb Cheers R
  3. there are two pictures above.....you may need to check your browser.... Cheers R
  4. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to ship a buggy from Melbourne to Tasmania....Has anyone here done it before? Any advice? My buggy is going to a new home and I would like to see it off in style..... Cheers Grog
  5. href="/monthly_08_2010/post-2962-14336628897893.jpg">
  6. Hi all, Due to injuries (Not kite caused) my land kiting equipment is up for grabs. Libre Special Buggy with additional fron axle - $500 great condition. MBS Comp 16 Land board - $400 Ozone Samurai - 6M $300 There is more but I am too tired to type.....All viewable in Melbourne Cheers all Grog
  7. I will do some pics over the weekend when i get back from WA. cheers R
  8. Hi all, At the end of this years speed week I will be hangin gup my buggy boots as the old mare isnt getting enough love! Its a Libre Special with a spare set of front forks. Great condition - Excellent ride and brilliant fun. Alas, I have become a water bunny and dont live close enough to any really good parks to do the buggy justice. I am looking for $500 picked up at sandy point or Melbourne. (PRICE DROP) I have a special rack for carrying the buggy any car as well which I would want $100 (PRICE DROP) Also going will be my pristine 6M ozone samurai $300 was $350 and a 5M pansh racekite $120 was $180. (PRICE DROPS) Also up for grabs will be - Takoon e-nova 7M (brilliant kite) inflateable $450 including bar and lines! 13M and 16M Venoms - both modded, both repaired but both fly fine - $550 the pair including bars and lines. I also have a North rebel 9M (2007) with bar and lines (one repair - no effect and virtually invisible (professional) $500 Give me a call on 0448 530113 if you are interested - Pictures below of buggy Cheers Richard
  9. So its buggy, landboard, 2 waterboards, 11 kites, 2 kids, one wife and a towel. All in one car....I may have to get her to bring the other car down... I do hope we get good winds though. See you soon... R
  10. are we getting one of these to demo Joel? Where did that 12m go from last year too?? Are you hiding it somewhere or did it not turn up? grog
  11. allo all! anyone know if kitesurf direct has disappeared? their website certainly has and I wanted some ocean rodeo gear :-( any news or contact info would be great. cheers grog
  12. unfortunately all kiting was off for the holiday due to health issues. Wife and daughter ill with flu. me pulled three internal staples out after recent surgery and my son had a cold. I lugged all my kit up there for nothing! Ah well, you could have guaranteed if I hadnt bought it there would have been great winds and no illness. Actually at home now. Hospital tomorrow to get shouted at by surgeon. Seeya soon! grog
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