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  1. The street kiter video is amazing how they jump so easy Thank you Much appreciated for all your help, i rang a few kite shops they all say different things, one said i need a depower kite, other said fixed bridle some said 6mtr others said a 10 mtr
  2. Thank you very much everyone for your help,what i have been told is i need a fixed bridle Kite with bar or handles but i would like 6mtrs or more so i can be dragged along the grass or the sand.anything out there Regards Gilbert
  3. Hi thank you for the message. I am wanting a kite with plenty of pulling power something I can do a few stunts in the air like spinning the kite just normal tricks you do with kites it doesn’t have to be extremely fast. The last kite I had was slow in the air which really didn’t worry me but had pulling power, I brought it at kite power years a go when they were in Geelong. But it had straps, are bars better I am in the Ballarat area thank you Gilbert
  4. Is kite still for sale. Regards Gilbert
  5. Is kite still for sale. Regards Gilbert
  6. Hi John I am after a kite with heaps of pull something that will drag us along the sand like the peter Lynn hornet or blade ect
  7. Hi I used to have many years a go was a Peter Lynn 5m , it was lost in a house fire, i am wanting is a kite with heaps of pull that will drag us along the sand and do a some stunts with what are blade kites,Regards Gilbert
  8. Hi i am thinking of buying a Peter Lynn 6m Hornet , i have spoken to some people on youtube and they says only good for beginners they dont have much pull on them would that be right.is there any other brands out there in Australia,i am after a power kite with huge pull on it 6m or more, any help Appreciated.
  9. Hi wanting to buy a power kite anything out there please. Regards Gilbert
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