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  1. So these don't work for the Soul, about a month of use from new. I JUST BOUGHT FOUR OF THESE, GONNA GIVE THEM A GO.
  2. These look interesting, from Wichard Single plain bearing block - Stainless steel sheave 12 - Fixed eye
  3. Haha, that never occurred to me but thanks for the tip, I’ll keep it for next time I need a set!
  4. You should get yourself some black granny tires to complete the coolness factor. This is the Aliexpress place. You get tire and tubes so it works out a good deal. But if you order more than two at a time you get stung for a lot of postage, but up to two and postage is cheap. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000910816058.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.382a648eif8pFD
  5. Pari

    Pimped Boards

    There's some nice looking boards. The Revo's do look sick, when they're all shiny and new!
  6. So far there is more wear on the block than the line. There a little groove forming. Also the block material, I'm assuming its alluminium, is depositing onto the yellow line leaving this almost black coating. I wonder if it's possible to get titanium blocks! Also I was looking for some bridle lines from LEI kite that use none pulley style solid blocks that would be the same lengths, 100cm and 120cm, and that are made from something more robust and less abrasive, something like Dyneema or Spectra. I hope Flysurfer does something about this design- I know your supposed to check th
  7. That would be handy just to know the proper dimensions of the original Revo elastomers. I've got mine at 20mm wide and 40mm diameter, but I found them tough to compress into the housing even though I think that is what the original dimension were. I found that a width of about 19mm wide works best for these truck housings, but I have a set ready for anyone needing some for their Revos. Got a test run in today with both trucks on and I have to say I am a happy chappy. They are stable yet turn really nicely, I really enjoyed just carving up on them.
  8. So are you using your Revos, or do you need bushings to get them going again? Yeah the Revos are no good once the bushings get soft or degrade, but I suppose that can be said for any trucks, just it's easy to get the spare parts for standard trucks. I'm interested in your Binding set up, any chance of a pic?
  9. Sure, I'd like to get some of these out there. There must be some other Revo nuts out there who'd like to upgrade or repair an old classic. Bit early to say for sure but I could see myself doing some full upgrade kits- housings, alloy straps and sides and the bushings with all the hardware included- stainless nuts and bolts.
  10. Yeah, it's good, proof of concept. I found fitting it to the board, putting it together, everything much easier than my original Revos with the alloy body. I think I will tweak it and print some in different materials like ASA (which is what is starting to replace ABS in the printing community as it's less prone to warping and doesn't give of as many fumes). But I think I will print another set in the black PETG when my parcel arrives with some new filaments.
  11. Wahoo the Revos are BACK!! I did a bit of a down winder and the printed Revo works really well. I'm so pleased. The difference between the skate trucks constant wobble and the smooth stability of the Revo was great to see. I'm gonna get both trucks on there now, give them a proper test session or two and start to get this new board built.
  12. @bakersdozen What are the foot starps you have on there? Part of the board build is to get some footstaps but I don't like the traditional MBS style ones with the metal brackets on each end. I have some big old Kitesurf ones, but they are really comfy and nice for hooking the toes under on sharp turns. Want something similar but lighter. I'm a bit confused here, are the axles on Revos meant to be Titanium or is it just certain models? I'm pretty sure mine are stainless, at least that's what the machinist said when I had the ends re-done.
  13. They look cool with the carbon housings. Are they a custom made set?
  14. I just put one of them on the board and stood on it and leaned as if to turn and all looks good, seems to turn as much as the skate truck that’s still on there. No creaking! Will do a test run with the one on there then if all goes well will fit the other one on. just curious, what trucks are you using?
  15. .My Soul 12m is the best kite I’ve had but there is one thing about it that is really bothering me. That’s the pulley lines. before getting this kite new, I had the use of a borrowed Speed 3 12m for at least a year maybe more then I bought a second hand Speed 3 12m Deluxe, which again I had for a year maybe a bit more. I never even thought about the pulley lines, never occurred to me that they wore out or ever needed changing. The Soul on the other hand- well I’ve changed all four and before I had to change them again I noticed that the B pulley blocks were stuck and worn unevenly
  16. I did think about it, print them with the same TPU filament as the bushings and the model would be a very easy shape to print- ideal really as they are a nice gentle taper upwards with no undercuts or over hangs. But I road my original Revos for a long time with totally split and falling apart boots. I think with the bushings being pressed so tight against the nylon guides, I’m not to concerned about it- time will tell. I went out this morning, the new wheel lasted a proper session and I think I’ll re-print the other side the same way.
  17. Another UPDATE: I re-did the CAD for the wheel based on what I saw from the break on the first test run and Looking at a cross section on the screen. The chamfer on the rim inside the spokes was making the rim area quite thin, so gone are the chamfers, and I added more thickness to the rim wall and printed with 100% infill. I did get to machine my alloy parts for the trucks, and the trucks put together look sick, I’m very happy. I dug out my alloy rims from a project I started years ago and am in contact with an anodising place to see how much it’ll cost to get everything anodised
  18. I'd have to say my 2014 Liquid force Envy 12M. Just felt heavy, not very much power for a 12m and crap up wind ability. Got a Pivot 11M after it, much better kite.
  19. Great stuff Joel. Most impressed with your dedication and expertise.
  20. I would like to know the same thing. I try to ride waves in with a 12m Soul and some sort of success but don't really have the maneuverability and the kite is very fast and flying forward in the window. I guess you'd need a low aspect ratio kite.
  21. UPDATE: I got a half decent session in this morning, about 10 knots and a beautiful large flat area to kite, with the tide out, down the bottom end of Kingscliff. Twenty minutes kiting with jumps and power slides. The last power slide smashed the rim off. Interestingly this is the rim that I had previously broken by bouncing it of the concrete floor just to see what would happen- of course it broke a bit of the rim off, DOH! I hid this on the inside of the tire. When I looked at the break and the pieces I can see it broke across there because I sanded the sharp break and there is a d
  22. Yeah, "old School" test pilot is more my thing. I got a nose bleed just reading the stress analysis procedure. There is info on line, one guy in particular, who has a YouTube channel called CNC kitchen, his approach is all stress analysis and various material properties etc. of 3D printed parts. But I spent last night putting together my current board, the crap one I've been using for the last couple of years since my Revo elastomers failed and I went to my skate trucks board. I cleaned it all up, put the new tires and tubes on, and put the two prototypes of the printed wheels on. When I
  23. That's impressive. It did seem like quite powerful for it size, the 6.8m I mean. But I couldn't handle that kind of bar pressure for long, which I hand to have in order for it to be truly powered up. Still, makes me wonder if Gong can get that kind of performance, why aren't the big brand kites doing the same- or maybe they are and I'm just out of touch with LEIs and what they can do these days.
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