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Making the videos



Here's the video making process!.......

I start off by copying all my video files onto an external hard drive.  I have 10 files from the SJ 5000 cam (should have turned the image stabilization off as it hates being mounted to the buggy).  Joel very kindly has given me the drone files from the first few flights, so another 6 files from there.  15 .mov files from my SLR.  47 files from my hand held gopro and 42 files from the ION Air Pro mounted on the back of the buggy.

Once that's copied over, I view them in Xilisoft Splitter and cut the bits I want for the videos.  Some for a Longstar Video, some for a Peak 2 video and some for an A & B Kingston Video.  I had decided earlier that I wanted a couple of Kingston videos - one with more time lapse sequences and some nice celitc music and the other a bit faster.  Another big time waster is I have to convert all the 2K drone files as my editor won't accept them.  So once I split the bits I want from the drone files, they have to be converted back to something my editor will accept.  (If I wasn't so scummy and updated my editor to the latest version then I wouldn't need to stuff around with the converter).

About 4 or 5 hours gone so far.  Once I've got the split files I rename them all with things like 'A Joel funny dance' or B Doug behind claypan.  That way I know which video they're going into and what the content is.  I could do all this in the editor but then I'm dealing with large files with generic names and I get confused easily.

Meanwhile I'm thinking about what shots I want in various places in the video and what bits I want to slo-mo.  Which is the next step - take all the long 20minute sunset or cloud files and speed them up in the editor.  I can only speed up to 10x so a 20minute sunset becomes a 2 minute file.  Still too long, so after rendering them, I re-import them into the editor and speed 'em up another 10x.  I'm going to try and keep most of the clips in the video to under 10 seconds each - probably more like 6 or 7 seconds.  Might depend a bit on the music.

Thinking about the music, there's a track I did with Que Decree in the 80's - a very silly piece of writing set to some good tempo rock music.  Except I don't want the lyrics and I want to insert some slow bits into the music for the timelapse sequences.  So I will have to re-record that.  Which will involve programming the drums, then laying down the guitar, bass, keyboards then lead guitar in roughly that order.  The other Kingston vid I'd like to use a Cara Dillon track that I quite like.  The Peak and Longstar vids will get some tunes that I've already recorded.

Next I will take all the 'A' videos and put them into the editor.  Working out the sequence is the tricky part.  Then putting the music in and moving/cutting the endings to match the beat.  Then I have to think about what titles/labels/names/descriptors to put in and how I want them to display.  After that, I'll hit 'render' and have a watch and see if I want to go back and re-do anything.  Things don't always turn out how I think they will and I'll often watch the vid and think 'meh, not what I'd hoped for'.  Occasionally it comes together well and I'm pleased.  Sometimes the music is all wrong and I have to go back and do a new soundtrack and re arrange clips to suit.

I've just about got all my clips organized and ready to put into the editor.  With a bit of luck, some will start appearing in a few days time.....


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7 hours later and I've got the music done and finished the editing - rendering a copy to have a look at before I start adding titles for the final rendering.  Can't say that I am overly excited about how it's looking.  Probably not quite the right music.  Never mind, the next one should go a LOT quicker!  Sometimes what you think you're doing in your head isn't what is actually happening......

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Having files named and organized makes a huge difference.  The second video took about an hour and a half to put together - it's a little shorter and I used a Cara Dillon track that I'm very fond of.  All cross fades between the clips so no having to line up the edits to the beat.

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