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Extreme Kites Blog Competition




Extreme Kites Blog Competition
Pansh Ace II 4.0m or SJCam M10+ Gyro Stabilised Action Camera!
3 Runner Up Prizes of Extreme Kites Lanyards

How do I win??
1 Entry : Follow the XK News Blog
Click on "Follow This" on the top of the XK News Blog to be subscribed to the official blog and receive 1 Entry.
Link to XK News Blog: 

5 Entries : Create a Quality Blog Entry
Create a quality blog entry that contains at least 2 paragraphs and 1 photo, receive 5 Entries.
You can repeat this entry once a week leading up to the draw date to earn a maximum of 20 entries.
Link to Blogs:

Draw will close on January 12th 2016 AEST.

All entries will be placed in to the "Extreme Kites Random Draw Bucket."  
The winners will be drawn at the Extreme Kites Kingston Meet.



What should I 'blog' about??

It doesn't have to be about kiting - it's your blog, it could be about another hobby or passion of yours, how you got into kiting or your other hobby.  Could be about a rogue ram that got into your property and smashed a double glazed window :blush2: er...yes, perhaps that one's been done!   Check out the blog posts for some ideas.


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Chook                                            1                              Roblukin                          6                              BobM                          20

Andy666                                        1                              123matt                           6                              Bladerunner                1            

Kathleen                                        1                              Windstruck                      1                              juanbar                        1

Kozzie                                           1                              ricardo luca                      6                             Stinka                           1

stogov                                           1                              the_hatman                     6                              Makcnm Cnopnk         1

Joel                                              11                             Aerosexual                      1                              MadNicko                    1

mezzararty                                   16                             Mick14                            1                              Moroni-10                    1

outlaw                                           1                              ssayre                             6                              Nigel                             1

Crazykermit                                  1                              BJH                                 1                              John Lloyd                    1

Mark.h170                                    1                              BigE                                5                              Mfwetu                          1

1903Dandydon.                           1.                              PiratePete.                      1

Sebastian                                     1                              toolbox                            1                              TristanJ                         1

twojaythomo                                 1                             jaysmith                           1                              m.klinge                         11

MoreWind                                     1                            Jae-SJ                              1                              Woodneers                    1

Demoknight                                  1                            bakersdozen                     1                             Arne                                1

Crackers                                       1                            hvmike                              1                             MikeDobbs                      6

povlhp                                           1                            RobG                                1                             zanda                             1

Sluggo                                           1                           rjang                                  1                             OBEwan                         1


competition is now closed!  Good luck everyone. 




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1 minute ago, ricardo luca said:

Hola soy de argentina me encanta esta idea, seguiré de cerca esta y otras secciones del blog de cometas. éxitos y buenos vientos.

Welcome Ricardo!  Great to have you here from Argentina, look forward to reading your stories!

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hola Joel, ahora creare uno con las fotos de la nasa que hice. y mi plan de construir un kite de tipo inflable de arco. aunque no es fácil de conseguir  buenos materiales igual disfruto mucho de estos pequeños logros. saludos.


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Ricardo quote "

Hi I am from Argentina I love this idea, I will closely follow this blog and other sections of the kite . successes and good winds ."
Hi Joel , now I will create one photo NASA did. and my plan to build a kite inflatable arch type . although it is not easy to get good materials like really enjoy these little achievements. Regards.

I used google translate.  Welcome Ricardo.  I'm a big fan of nasa kites


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hello, nasa insurance is the best of the best, occupies little space , no problems with the bridle if left attached , pushes a lot and it can give you many varied uses. I'm using it to drag me through the sand with zapatillas..otras times with a skateboard with inflatable wheels and other sandboarding , shortly proves a kayak , surfboards , etc etc haha


p.d. also use the translator , but this good to write in my language , the English language is my second favorite . I understand if I read or speak slowly .. but write and speak without practice is chaos , it sounds to Indian? haha

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Ricardo, I think you did an awesome job in the above post. Some translators translate text terribly. So well done.

From Mez

"Ricardo, creo que hizo un trabajo impresionante en el post anterior. Algunos traductores traducen el texto terriblemente. Muy bien hecho.

De Mez"

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If I entered and won, the smart move for my flying conditions and current camera situation would be to take the camera.  I just don't think I could do it.  I'd still take the kite.  What can I say, that's why I'm here

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22 hours ago, ricardo luca said:

p.d. also use the translator , but this good to write in my language , the English language is my second favorite . I understand if I read or speak slowly .. but write and speak without practice is chaos , it sounds to Indian? haha

and I have no excuse, other than my first language is Tyke(Yorkshire)

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Hey guys been a long time since on, what's been happening, anyone broke anything kiting?

Have been so busy packing up and preping the house for sale had no time for kiting.

Just 2 more weeks till Newcastle can't wait.

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On ‎9‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 8:36 AM, .Joel said:

Prizes in the Mail, let us know when they arrive!

Picked up the lanyard from the PO Box this afternoon + no franking on the stamps either :-)


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