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    • By adamski
      We have had Peter Lynns for a while now... starting with a 9m G2... we have loved flying them and have put up with the odd bit of "Character"... this character often showed itself in filling and launching... that and the low end of the wind ranges were never... "all that".

      So... have you been looking for a kite that is ludicrously easy to set up?
      One that produces shed loads of power... equal to a bow perhaps?
      a kite that has no pumps or bridles?
      one that forgives the odd mistake and doesn't attempt to beat you to a pulp in gusts?

      Here you go... try one of our Synergies... lovely!

      What do you get?

      Well a great new bag, really easy to stuff a wet kite int with spars in place and lots of places to hang boards and bars.
      No more tshirt in the bag... you get a nice hat now... mmm warm head!
      The VPC bridle doings are simple.... almost impossible to get wrong, however, you do get kook proof connectors now. So no matter how cold your brain gets you wont connect your lines TOO badly!!

      We are flying all our Synergies on the 07 bar set up and are very happy with the results... decent throw on the de-power and an easy to trigger safety system for those... "on my GOD, I am about to die!!" moments.

      How do they fly?
      This is mainly from my boys input... they are VERY powerful compared to V2s... they look almost square in the air, the turn lightning fast and depower in a good linear way.
      My time landboarding with the 10m was great fun, superfast turning meant that even when the wind dropped good power could be had from working the kite.

      I am looking forward to getting out on the sea with them over Easter and WILL report back with more info.

      SO far, Sam has managed some of his highest ever jumps on the Synrgies, there is the best float EVER on a Peter Lynn we have owned and the build quality and fabric are like none before.

      Updates coming soon!

      By : adamski
    • By the_bleep
      I was very lucky to get a Peter Lynn Guerilla2 13m last year, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made, at just £200 it was mega cheap, exactly the sort of price I was after. Heres my experience of it:

      Well, as with any kite, the first thing you notice is the bag. Very good bag, strong and durable, looks reasonable, but the fact you can extend it to double the size is very handy. You can easily fit 2 ARCs in when it's extended. I can easily fit in: kite, bar, lines, helmet, harness, lunch, 5m fixed bridle, 2 litres of drink and some other accessories.

      Anyway, you take out the kite and boy it looks huge! If you're new to depower don't be put of by the large size, as when in the air the kite forms into an arc shape (hence the name) which makes the projected area around 8.4m for this 13m.

      So, colours. There are semi circles in orange, black and grey on the 13m, and although it doesnt sound attractive, it looks pretty good in the air.

      On the Guerilla2, there is only 1 inflation point, so if the wind is under around 12mph it can take quite a long time to fill, especially if you're inland, but once you're in clean winds on a beach you can get it in the air in about 5-10 minutes once you get good at it.

      A handy feature on the Guerilla2 is the different settings for the brake lines, so you can either chose 'more bar pressure', or, you've guessed it, 'less bar pressure'. The difference between the two is how much of the power you feel through the bar, more basically makes it a bit harder to turn, but you can really feel where the kite is in the air due to the brake lines being shorter.

      Once you get the kite in the air, you will feel how easy it is to fly. On my first fly I'd picked it up in about 10 minutes, and I was boarding up and down the field comfortably after about 30 minutes, something I was not too confident at before.

      Another handy feature which has pretty much become the Peter Lynn trademark is the auto zenith function, this means if you let go of the bar, the kite will rise to the top of the window, and just sit there. I found this handy if I wanted to tie up my shoelaces, get a drink or just lie down and take a breather for 5 minutes.

      Something you will soon notice if you fly inland is that the Guerilla2 simply munches gusts. If a gust comes through you won't get yanked off your board of thrown out your buggy, you will feel a little increase of power, but nothing too much.

      In terms of safety, I had it set up on a front line safety, so if it got too much then I would pull the safety and it would flatten out and instantly lose all power.

      Windrange. Well, I'm very light, around 8 stone, and I've flown this in around 8mph up to about 22mph on a beach, and gusting to about 24mph inland, but my friend who has flown in (11 stone ish) has taken in up to nearly 30mph, but he has had quite a lot of ARC experience.

      If its lift you want, youve got it. If you want to learn to jump on a board this thing is magic. Jumps are effortless and the float is incredible. Ive gone about 6ft in about 15mph on semi power, so you can imagine what this beauty can do in 25. Ive learnt all the tricks I know on this, smooth jumps and a soft touchdown make it the perfect kite for someone who wants to progress to the next level on their board or buggy.

      So, to summarise, if you're looking for a first depower that can enter you into the world of freestyle or just help you improve your cruising skills, this kite is awesome. And because of the age (2004) you can pick them up pretty cheap.

      I hope thats helped, and if you do get one, good luck! 😄
      By : ARCboy_123
    • By OceanDivers1600949551
      Iv'e just returned from York race course after my maiden flight with my new kite, the Peter Lynn Bomba 15m. Having only flown smaller kites on handles I was a little nervous and didn't really know what to expect-but hey thats what its all about, right? The wind was very low (around 10-15mph).

      I opened the kite and unrolled it on the wet ground. Next I opened the inflate zip and left the kite to self inflate while I sorted out the lines and zero 4 bar. By the time this was done the kite was fully inflated and with zip closed, spars in and lines connected it was time to fly!

      I attached the bar to my harness and walked backwards at 45degees to the kite. The top corner furthest away folded over towards me, the kite filled with air and made the ARC shape then slowly lifted off the ground and headed to the zenith.......Perfect.

      Over the next 4 hours I realised this kite had tremendous power but was fully controlable in fact a friend who had never flown a kite was flying within 10 mins.

      The power of this kite should always be respected and the flyer should never become complacement as this kite could cause a serious injury. Saying that the build quality, kite design, and user friendliness this kite rocks! 10/10.

      Oh I nearly forgot. I am a large guy but was still getting 6-8ft jumps -go figure!
      By : OceanDivers
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