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Found 8 results

  1. I have been waiting on the side lines patiently for some years now, hmm shall I buy one, shall I make one, too expensive, bills to pay ... Any way, Niash have currently a special going on, well I guess it's a special since they are offering a complete foilboard package for just under 2000 $NZ -- the board, mast, foot straps, fuselage, horizontal stabilizer and main wing. Purchased from KiteSports New Zealand, South New Brighton. Sure lots of other deals going, but want to support the local kitesurf shop. Sure it's a beginners board, but that is what I am with foilboards at the moment, and if I
  2. 2013 Naish Park 7m + bar In excellent condition, kite fabric still crisp. This is a kite that has a surprisingly large wind range, is easy to use and gives great boots! I’ve had a lot of fun on this kite. New pulleys on bridle, and added sheath over lines that pulleys run over, meaning no more wear on lines and extended longevity of bridle. Brand new depower rope on bar. 1 small patch repair to canopy. Comes with 5m line extensions (I’ve used these on the kite as an experiment to give it more range in the sky, but it would be more manageable without them). http://kiteboardingreview.c
  3. It has some water stains near the middle LE bladder as shown, but nothing to distort the kite in any way. All bladders hold air. Individual strutt pump system. A great kite, but I am not going to use it much. It's been my rental kite for the last 5 months and it's done my clients and myself well. I've got other better kites to hire anyway, so just want to get rid of it. Comes with 5-th line extension for a 5-line bar or can be removed for your 4-line bar. $100 firm + postage
  4. Plenty of great used gear currently on offer. Full details and pricing here - http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_list&c=51 (USED) 2010 North Fuse 9m2 (USED) 2010 North Fuse 9m2 $125.00 Manufacturer: Nobile Kiteboarding SKU: 1926 (USED) 2010 Naish Helix 12m (USED) 2010 Naish Helix 12m $150.00
  5. I sell my Naish Monarch (2014, 132x141). It is in a very good condition. I used it twice. I can't use it anymore because I work too much. It got brand new north vario pads on it.
  6. So this kite i bought after trying, and failing, to combine my Beamer 3.6 and my landboard. Much searching around online left me with two choices as eventually I want to get into kitesurfing. I looked at the Best Bularoo and the Boxer but what made the deciding factor in the end was the price, being in America at the time i paid $400 for this kite, 200 quid with the exchange rate at that time which i thought was a bargain, it was second hand from realkiteboarding.com. I bought the SLE control system to go with it which was another $100. After flying my Beamer 3.6 for about a year i felt c
  7. My first review right getting the kite out of the bag was surprised how compact this kite folded down to compared to my old flexi fusions. The build quality seems excellent and the colours are wicked. Pumping the kite up freaked me out the first time thought i had a puncture but it was the octopus system releasing air into the struts. This was the one thing i was worried about but now i love it. I initially set the kite up using the Naish double depower system, it took 5 mins to set up no adjustments were needed. launching the kite i found the bar pressure light but very direc
  8. The Package - Naish Shockwave SLE 12m - Shockwave Pulley Bar - Kite Bag - Bar Bag - Pump - Instructions - Accessories kit (Sticker, Strop, Repair Kit, and repair tape) This is a good overall package; the bags and pump are of high quality. The bag has 2 large pockets, and a section on each side to hold the pump and the bar, with large mesh vents to allow sand and water to drain out. There are also straps to hold your kite board in place. The only issue with the bag is there are no extra expansion capabilities to allow you to transport the ki
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