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  • teenflight

    Naish Raven 12M

    My first review right getting the kite out of the bag was surprised how compact this kite folded down to compared to my old flexi fusions.

    The build quality seems excellent and the colours are wicked.

    Pumping the kite up freaked me out the first time thought i had a puncture but it was the octopus system releasing air into the struts. This was the one thing i was worried about but now i love it.

    I initially set the kite up using the Naish double depower system, it took 5 mins to set up no adjustments were needed.
    launching the kite i found the bar pressure light but very direct, the kite really held well at the edge of the window and built its power through the turns. the depower was brilliant and the double depower system allows you to ditch the power through the gusts which just ran straight through the kite it just steady there as it was fixed to the sky.

    My first session on the water i was very overpowered unable to hold down my mates 12m atom decided to give the raven a shot and was surprised how much power i could hold. pushing through the double depower system just and inch still allowed the kite to fly well but gave me amazing depower this allowed me to load up for my first jump. WOW if i hadn't been wearing a wetsuit there would of been some logs floating around in the sea the hangtime is what scared me never before have i stayed in the air for that long. landings were easy the kite held its shape really well. the kite also is wicked for a bit of wave riding i have not yet been able to test the relaunch as it hasn't hit the water properly yet.

    Anyway hope this helped

    By : teenflight

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    ok here we go bit more info on the ravens. I have now moved to the shift system so no more double de power a good system but not for me. After a nasty incident with my 12 m it is no more but before this i did have some chances to really test the kite out. Upwind a bility is ace as well as low wind grunt and speed. The power through the loops is smooth and ferocious just how you want it. Relaunch for me is better than the torch pobably due to the fact it relys on the 5th line more to fly. absaloute winner i rekon i will be on the aliance and torches next

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