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Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PKD Buster II manual
  2. 2 downloads

    PKD Buster kite manual covering sizes 0.7, 1.4, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.5 and 7.0 meter kites. Includes details on setting and adjusting the Angle of Attack (AoA) Adjuster, technical aspect ratio and cell count information and wind ranges.
  3. 0 downloads

    Brochure featuring the wind ranges for 2.2, 2.8, 3.5, 4.5, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5M Soulfly II fixed bridle foil kites.
  4. 0 downloads

    Original PKD Landkite Manual.
  5. 3 downloads

    Original manual by PKD for the 50cm/60cm Twister bar.
  6. Wow, it has been a while between drinks for PKD, this appeared thanks to Don Edwards & David Wilmer in the PKD group.
  7. No, that's not a mistake.... Rub your eyes a bit.... Let this sink in properly.... PKD has come back from the dead with their first ever depower kite being a closed cell race kite called the Inferno! Kite & Friends have a video of a pre-production 12M kite and like most things PKD, they don't do it often but when they do it usually looks stunning or menacing. I have a soft spot for PKD, over a decade ago they were my very first kite and they've always produced a robust, well-built kite. The profile shape, the colours, the overall appearance and presence of the kite in this vid
  8. PKD Buster II 1.4M $150 Complete with Lines, Handles & Bag. In excellent condition, flown only a couple of times. These are some of the toughest small, high-wind kites you can own. Built stronger than most of today's small power kites with re-enforced vents, fully sleeved bridles, heat-shrunk knot covers. It's the sort of kite you either want as a beginner or you stick in your bag as an experienced kiter for those 30+ knot days! All prices exclude postage. Pickup welcome, located in Melbourne.
  9. Having just seen Weldngod's thread on his new PKD Buster Soulfly Pro on PKF, I thought I'd have a sticky at the PKD site and share it here..... Nice to see a new kite from PKD as it's been a few years since their last update (which I think was the Century Soulfly II). The BUSTER Soulfly PRO is a complete new 4 line design for traction beginners and intermediate flyers. It can be flown with 4-line handles or on the new “4-line Soulfly bar” which is optional. BUSTER Soulfly PRO Details: - Distinctive PKD Tribal artwork on top and bottom of sail - Reinforced bridle attachement points - Reinf
  10. R1CH-G

    PKD Brooza MKIII

    Well, after owning these kites for some time, I feel confident that I can put something down about them which may be of use to others! I had made the same mistake a lot of guys make when starting out flying – I thought my abilities were a lot better than they actually were and ended up with several race-kites I simply couldn’t fly – to be honest, they scared the cr*p out of me after a bad experience in the buggy which saw me flying backwards at very high speed with absolutely no control! At this point I almost gave up flying, and then a friend lent me a 4 meter Brooza (MKII I think)
  11. simo

    PKD Buster II 4M

    Been flying the buster 2 4m for sometime now and in doing so thought id do a quick review of the kite. On recieving the kite, it came in a blue stuff sack which was ok not really much use for anything else because you can only get the kite,lines,stake, and handles in there, also two bags which you can fill with sand or rice to help hold the kite down if you wish and some stickers,instructions you download from there web site all helps to keep the cost down. On setting it up straight forward, although it would have been nice to have different colour brake lines to the power lines, hel
  12. This is my second review, my second Kite but my first 4 line kite, so please bare in mind that I have limited experience, therefore my review is based on a beginers point of view. What's Included? Kite, Lines, Handles, A pair of Kite Killers, Stickers, Sew on labels, Ground Stakes, Pouches (to weight the trailing edge) Sack type bag. The Kite. Being the 3.0m the colour is mostly red with a single black stripe and white trailing edge. Material seems to be nice and crisp, stitching appears to be of good quality. The bridle seems quite complex to a novice such as mys
  13. Introduction Although there is now the Mk II of this kite this is a review of a 3m Mk I. After I had decided that the buggy was the form of traction that I wanted to continue with, it was time to upgrade the Beamer II to a more intermediate type of kite that would give me pull but minimum lift, I also needed something that wasn't going to luff as most of my flying is inland. After looking around the web for something a little different, and reading what people had thought of different kites, I opted for the PKD Brooza ready to fly option. The Bag and Contents. The Brooza's come i
  14. gorilla121

    PKD Brooza

    Unpacking this kite was great, I bought this kite from a local shop (UFO kites) as a ready to fly package, It was my first kite, so I was extra specially exited, the set includes- - The kite (red) - the colour coded lines - the handles with strop - 2 orange stakes - to orange sand bags - PKD kite killers - the instructions The kite was crispy as you would expect, and has nice graphics of a bird in the middle, which looks great and the lines are ready attached to the handles and the kite. The fist time I took out this kite I spent about an hour of constant flying, the wind
  15. RaceKites

    PKD Buster

    What a great kite!!! I nearly bought a 3m Firebee but was talked out of it by the guy at the shop who seemed to know his stuff. Basically it looks like a D shape in the air and flys very well. It stays inflated in even extremely low winds, so low I have had to keep walking backwards to get it to launch. It generates plenty of pull when you get it moving. I haven't had it out in a strong wind yet but in a nice clean 10mph plus it launched well and flew perfectly. The only thing that I have had a problem with is the bridle adjustment - not great instructions in the bag. Fortunatel
  16. jomoj

    PKD Buster

    From the number of reviews here it's obvious that these are popular kites and in my experience, with good reason. For a first kite I was seeking a number of things; something easy to fly, robust, not too expensive and yet of decent quality to last beyond the early learning stages. From reading reviews and seeking others opinions it seemed that the Buster filled these criteria and when one came up for sale on eBay I bid for and bought it. Buying secondhand is always a bit risky, especially when it's something that is likely to have been used or abused by someone at the bottom of the l
  17. Baggsy

    PKD Buster

    i am new to power kite flying ..but a lot of experience in sailing and windsurfing.. so i thought i would have a go at the power kites and i bought the buster 3 mtr on ebay . firstly, i have never flown a 4 line kite before. i took it down to the beach and out in a calm wind (what i thought for here) ...10 knots!! as it draged me for 5 or so meters when i launched it.... i was starting to grin at the new power i had found!! so i gently pushed it in and out of the power zone and sliding across the sand each time and getting a bigger smile every time. since that day i have le
  18. RaceKites

    PKD Buster 3M

    After much searching and saving I made my entry into power kiting and purchased the Buster. Firstly, what value for money! I shopped around and found the 3m version for £120 (www.powerkiteshop.com), which considering the amount of kite you get is great value for money! So, next day I find a big royal mail parcel waiting for me downstairs and later that day i'm up at the local playing field with a PKD bag in my hands and a grin on my face. The kite was easy to set up and I had it in the air very quickly. Having only stunt kited up untill now and gotten bored of that, i had no idea of the p
  19. So... after getting into the sport quite early this year through a friend, i decided to get my own kite. At first i had seriously considered a 3.5 Bullet, although after advice from my local kite shop I went for a buster from them. First try was on the day we got it, it was about 15MPH and i hadnt ever tried a 4 line 3m before!!! Needless to say we brought it straight down. Thge wind stayed nasty for about 1 week until we decided to try it again. It was now about 5mph and was easy to hanlde the buster. Now 6 months after buying the buster i absolutly love it to bits! It
  20. mikemj

    PKD Buster

    Well bought this kite for the girlfriend, as she wanted to get into kiting, but not to be draged about like a rag doll. Having read a few of the other buster reports, i knew what to expect like the draw string bag, but wasnt bothered really, so wont go into the quality of the bag, good enough for this little kite and price. Well straight down the park at last we got some wind, about 12 to 15mph winds, that would be perfect for a first time for the girlfriend, remember she has never flown a 4 line kite only my flexi foil 6ft, having got the kite out of the bag it was so easy to set up
  21. i bought this kite about 3 years ago because my flexifoil stacker 6 wasn't powerful enough so i kept nagging my mum for a bigger kite. we didn't have broudband so i couldn't study reviews on any kites i fancied buying so we went to our local retailer and he said we should get a buster 2m becausehe it was a begginer kite so we bought it for £100ish. the kite came in a fairly tidy stuff bag with everything attached. the kite came in red but i'm pretty sur u can get them in blue aswell. it was blowing around 17mph so me and my little bro went to a bigger feild. we set up eventualy after read
  22. scud


    PKD 2m/3m/4m Brooza. For those that need to know, conditions were. NW 17 mph gusting to 22.stoke on trent.60% cloud cover with thermals.dry short grassand three grinning people. On seeing the kites we, Zotty,stig and myself (scud) were well impressed with the build quality of the kites, the stuff sacks are spacious and colour coded to the kites. The bridles are neatly packed and lanyard knotted for easy separation. The bridles are sleeved dyneema and are of very good quality,(dont know the material but its not the cheapest stuff in the box). On lin
  23. parrott

    PKD Buster 3M

    I was bought this kite for Christmas this year (to be honest I had to give Santa a little helping hand as there are simply so many kites to choose from). I/we decided having read reviews on this very site, that the PKD Buster 3.0 sounds like it would fulfil all my requirements for the time being. I am a self confessed novice in the traction kite world so I know I needed to learn the ropes with a forgiving kite that would have some lasting appeal. So the day came and as promised Santa....(well the girlfriend actually) placed my new kite under the tree. 1st impressions were '
  24. 300678

    PKD Buster

    after (trying) to learn to kiteboard with a 2.1 LD i decided to go for something a bit bigger. I was a bit wary at first of buying a 'budget' kite since my kiter friends all ride frenzys and phantoms, but i went for it anyway. This kite is awesome: Build Quality For a cheap kite it is very well made; ive been pushing it very hard(20 mph+) and there are no problems with the kite after 6 months its still nice and crispy. The lines aren't as good, they seem to be just fibres twisted together, but they were fine for me untill about 4 months of flying, where i got a fray and decided to go oz
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