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  1. I use a section of climbing cord with a karabiner and clip that to my harness or rucksack. Loop it around the trucks, job's a good'un... I tend not to strap anything to the board but have done; like drink bottles and a beach tent in the bindings.
  2. That's an 03, nice color the blue, I don't have one. I have a 7.3m 03, only the 03 9.5 and 12m had a white "inside", I think they called it Skytex & heard at the time as a way of reducing weight. A nice high wind machine for it's time, I've not flown my 7.3 for a few trips, It does go out in the bag with the 04 12m and the 06 10m though! Fun for 25mph+ Though you'll get riding in >15mph. The kite's are fun to fly and work, too, have only improved over time imho. ynyslas eh, nice beach.
  3. Low Cut II, no idea on a source, short of your local board store. I had to retire my first pair, but the second are still going strong, I've used merrells in the past, too.
  4. Low Cut II, no idea on a source, short of your local board store. I had to retire my first pair, but the second are still going strong, I've used merrells in the past, too.
  5. Does it log it's position? I appreciate on a beach this will be a lot of red lines in a confined space! But you should be able to pinpoint the location / see if it was a glitch if there's software to interpret your day's travels, usually because of the straight line between two points where it lost and picked up again. SatSki has had my eyes out in a similar manner.
  6. Hi robeair.. I hope this helps, it's my experiences with "brand frenzy" so far in a nutshell. I own an 03 7.3 (first depowereable), 04 12m (with 05 safety system) and an 06 10m (omg). In really gusty/changeable wind's then the 03 does have more of a tendency to overfly and sometimes tuck in a bit. Though I must bear in mind it's blowing well and sometimes turbulent when I have the 7.3 out instead of the 10 or 12! I've had the 04 12m out more than any other and keep going back for more! However, I like the 06 10m the most, it's the most responsive and workable of the three, with the
  7. edit: a chisel eh, must read entire post before typing long winded reply... HF! Hi Afro, I had the same issue with some revo's on a 30degree(iirc) trampa I got from these boards, I didn't notice until my first 'service' so it had been seized a while. It's a lovely setup and still going strong! After several attempts and soaks, I decided it was time for the big guns. A dremmel type tool and a couple of those sanded disc things you can buy, worked a treat for me! Go at it easy, being careful not to grind into the axle! Turn the O into a C and off she pops **wear eye prote
  8. hi hadsch, I do remember it, though sadly have found myself in the same position as you when I was looking for one a few years back. I think there's a moderator on kiteatb.co.uk who used to have one, steve I think. You'll probably be best to do a > search The problem as I understood it was with the manufacturing/sourcing of the tyres - the crux I guess! Good luck & Happy riding - would be interested in seeing/hearing about what you come up with if you get a project going. mister_burns.
  9. Ah.....Mr_Burns - glad you came on here mate - I forgot to ask you your name. I recognise the kite in your avatar !! Sorry the beach was a bit soft for you - I think you found the best run with that diagonal past the little pond - I told Mark, the other boarder to go and have a look there. Hope to see you over at Mable again - You might catch a glimpse of yourself in the distance on the vid - I'll stick the link on here when it's finished loading, and next time I'll be sure to catch some proper footage. Hi there again house - indeed, can turn out useful this interweb malarchy. Ahh the a
  10. Hi folks, nice to see you there House - it's I with the flying tent, 1/2 from Leicester - representing! Aye, it looked like you guys were enjoying the conditions, the day turned out well. We had a fun afternoon - though should've been a bit more persistent. The wind kept up & there was plenty of terrain again before dusk, the tea ran out, mind. noggin.
  11. touche Thanks for the replies folks, I'll be giving ST a call tomorrow to see what magic they can muster. Excellent.
  12. Alright folks, where do you guys have repairs done? I found a nice tear in my frenzy last week. Highwaymen is out of the question ATM, their specialist is about to extend their family and are unable to assist me. I work around northants area and live in the city (leicester). I did post something similar in the northants thread, btw. Any input appreciated, thanks for your time. Coasting @ the weekend (without one of my frenzy's no doubt)...
  13. Thanks, for your swift reply gunner221, if I can track them down I will - however I've turned up zip for cyigma sails + variants in kettering on the internet so far. TY for your help. mister_burns.
  14. Greetings folks, I'm looking to get a repair done on a frenzy I have and am scouting for local establishments that could help me out here. The Highwaymen in Hinckley are backlogged atm which were my first port of call, any recommendations in the area would be appreciated, I work in & around the Northampton area and try to fly on the coast whenever I can. Thanks for your time, mister_burns.
  15. Thanks for your feedback jon, appreciated. You raise some worthwhile considerations there, cheers I'll take that in and pop ST a line - I've never swapped over any of the systems myself, yet... The 12m I bought over these boards last year already had the 05 system in place. Sam, I'm heading up to the Outer Hebrides & Scotland soon, wild camping and moving around a little. In January I'm swanning off for a few months to shred and will definitely looking for some snokiting opportunities too - can't wait! splendid cheers, mister_burns.
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