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  1. Great! I want to try them in a stack. Can you send me a PayPal invoice to my gmail account? Thanks Jeremy

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    2. AeroJere


      Hi Joel. Should I delete my email address? Is it public? How do I message Outlaw privately?

    3. outlaw


      I only have yellow left, I'm still in the hills, Good snow kiting ATM. 

    4. .Joel


      Make 5 normal posts in the forum and it will unlock the messenger :good: 

  2. How much for two f-arcs 1600's? Postage to UK or Canada? Cheers Jeremy

    1. outlaw


      $50 ea, freight for 2 kites is $135 to either Canada or UK.

  3. im interested. does it come with Ozone bag lines and handles?
  4. Krylon clear transparent gloss acrylic spay paint adds crispyness and waterproofness but I needed several coats and several cans to add noticable reduction in porosity. Surprisingly the amount of added weight is very little. Most of the 320ml in a can must be propellant and solvent, with perhaps less than 1/6 polyacrylic. Rustoleum waterseal transparent leaves a rubbery dull finish and adds instant porosity. It doenst seem very durable and long lasting. Very strong odor from tolulene and hexane ingredients. Seems softer than silicone. not sure about the added weight yet.
  5. I put thompsons water seal for wood on my old soft porous flysurfer kite. Do not do this! It made a big oily mess. the low VOC version doesnt evaporate. and adds at least 1kg of weight. Im currently washining it out with Trisodium Phospate. Ive tried Polyurethane wood varnish. It adds weight and crispyness, but it cracks and fractures where the fabric bends. Same with Pledge Floor Care acrylic floor polish. both the polyurethane and floor polish adds water repelancy. Silicon clothing and tent sprays work for awhile but wear off quickly.
  6. Can I send a courier to pick up? jere.young@gmail.com
  7. check your email thats registered with kitecrowd.
  8. can you email me? my kitecrowd inbox has 65,000 items, max 500! It doesnt allow me to delete.
  9. Do you still have your Manta? send me an email, my pm box is full for some reason.
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