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  1. For Sale. Peter Lynn Kite Buggy, 10m Ozone Access and 3.8m Reactor kites. $500, located in Canberra. Message me or reply on this thread for any further info. Craig
  2. It was really good, Bob and Tiger were running 8m Access' but were majorly overpowered. They dropped to 5m Access with some success. I was running a 3.8 reactor which was a handful in the gusty breeze. Had a couple of good runs but couldn't get any height because of the speed that the power came on. Even with the 5m Access' up, the other boys struggled a bit. Would be good if we could drive about 500m on to get nice steady winds.....
  3. And if someone could tell me how to rotate, that would be helpful. They look fine on the computer before uploading.
  4. Few pictures from yesterday. Wind was up and pretty gusty, making it hard work. We are planning on doing some exploring to find a better spot on the lake. Good surface though, should be a great place to kite in the right conditions.
  5. See you there! Has there been any rain in canberra recenty? I'm away at the moment, get back sat morning.
  6. I am definitely up to go to lg on sat. Keep me updated as to timings.
  7. Let me know when your heading out and I'll join you both.
  8. Bob, What time in the morning were you thinking? I'll have to see how I go, got a bit on in the morning! Tiger, enjoy the coast!
  9. Whos around and interested in a run at Amaroo tomorrow? How about 3pm?
  10. I am not doing much this arvo if anyone else wants to head to amaroo?
  11. Hi mate, I live in Canberra and have started to dabble in snowkiting. Went to Perisher on Tuesday and threw a kite up down near Betts Camp, just East of the Paralyser. Went really well. I have just got a freedom pass for next year too, so I will easily be able to drop over the back of Perisher to some good spots! I should hopefully be getting up another couple of times this season (depending on snow). I will PM you when I am heading up. Cheers, Craig.
  12. No worries mate, I had a quick look at the stirling hire site and it says you can get tele gear there. One issue with Stirling is that it is a big kick to get up to the summit and out of the trees. Falls does have some open areas, not too sure about Buller and the others. Having the NSW main range on my doorstep is pretty good for open areas! Let me know how you go. Cheers, Craig
  13. Hi Clive, I have not done much snow kiting, but I have done a little bit on tele skis. The issue you might have with the hire skis is that they will probably be suited to the groomed trails, and might not even have metal edges on them. (It has been a long time since I have hired Cross Country skis though). When you kite, you will be off the groomed trails and will definitely need metal edges to assist in control. I run a full tele set up, with Plastic Boots and Telemark Resort skis, or heavy touring skis. I find this works well as it gives me really good control of the skis and I can concentrate more on the kite and where I am going rather than trying to get the skis doing what I want them too. I would suggest getting at the minimum metal edges and cable bindings for kiting. As I said though I have not done much and stand to be corrected by someone with more experience than me. Cheers! Craig.
  14. Went really well, got working on my turns which I started to get the hang of. Best bit was getting the confidence up to go out on Sunday by myself without the fear of killing myself!! Looking forward to catching up with stu and Gav again for some more pointers!
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