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  1. Apparently this is David Tonijuan, ranked 4th in the world for kite freestyle. From Spain, I contacted F-one after taking it this evening.
  2. gum-nuts

    David Tonijuan

    From the album: gum-nuts

    Ranked number 4 in the world. At Safety Bay Pond.
  3. Thanks but No, it's a good subject to photograph and they seem to appreciate them, I share them on the Sandgropers Facebook page. After following @jhn.holgate around Lefroy with his camera he piqued my interest in photography, then my daughter got a camera and that was it I had to get my own! https://www.flickr.com/photos/142687625@N08/
  4. A few photographs of yesterdays racing... (only 69!)
  5. Took a whole lot more today and will load them to Flickr tomorrow, at the end of the month is the state championships and I will try to be there again... @Chook are you coming up for the states?
  6. I just wanted share with you some photographs of the Sandgropers Land yacht club in action. These were from the 18th December. https://flickr.com/photos/142687625@N08/sets/72157677978241845
  7. Wow! @Chook it looks like the R1 is really working out for you
  8. So the depth and perspective convey a real sense of movement?
  9. Thanks - but I definatley want digital and not film!! think I'm going to hang on to the d1000 and get another lens and maybe a tripod! And keep playing. A little something from yesterday...
  10. Thought I had sold this but found it in a drawer! Full working order, some surface scratches and i think the batteries are going (just takes standard AA's!). $50 plus postage
  11. Been using my dads camera and taking loads of photographs, now thinking I should buy something a bit newer (but still second hand), could you give me your opinions on this.. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/meadow-springs/digital-slr/canon-550d-camera/1109991975 what is the lens adaptor for?
  12. Nice one @Chook glad to see you are looking after the r1 and getting the best out of it
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