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  1. Great detailed and informative review. Now I know that Ive been using my killers incorrectly since I started kiting, oh well never to late to learn!
  2. Ive never been one for begineers courses, learnt to kite, the hard way with a few knocks & bangs, got put of boarding after a nasty fall, went on a buggying course and feel well confident with handling a buggy in future (after only 3 hours). Beginners courses or training in any aspect of the sport will enable to user to become proficient in a shorter time without possible injury to themselves or others. Gotta be good for the sport. Good on ya nula (well your wife for booking the course) & Airbossworld for running the course
  3. PeatyMcBog

    HQ Symphony

    Great review ditchit, the 2.2 was the first real kite in our inventory too, its a great starting kite but still enjoyed it on high wind days, its had some major abuse over the years and weve had to repair both broken lines and restitch a tab ripped from the foil. Excellent for newbies as an introduction to kiting the journey starts here!
  4. PeatyMcBog

    HQ Symphony

    Weve not got the 3.3 but have the 2.2 and 4.1 both great kites and super value for money. The 4.1 is my most flown kite and we have both smaller, larger and "better" kites but you cant beat a symphony for good all round fun.
  5. Excellent in depth and informative review, I now feel I know the kite well and would be able to make an informed choice if purchasing one. You let your cat get that close to your kite, ours would rip it to shreds in minutes!!!
  6. Yes very pleased with the T shirt for Betyboo and i get the avatar view too!
  7. We've owned this kite for a few months now and felt it was about time I put a review together (and to change my smiley face). The kite oozes quality the moment you take it from the package, rucksack is of good quality too. Ours is the florescent green version, which we still like to this day. Easy to follow instructions are included and the colour coded lines are easy to understand and work with right down to the little tabs on the line eyes to enable the easy removal from the larks head knot when tight from flying. The Flexi killers are some of the nicest we've used, being elasticised th
  8. I like the look of the busters and was thinking of going for one of larger ones, does the 3m have the bridle adjustment and if so how did you get on with it? Peaty
  9. PeatyMcBog

    HQ Beamer 2.5

    Yes i must try this parapacking lark but i must admit i like to get my kites and lines out after a fly and spread em out to dry, flying on the beach they always come home a little wet and I like to keep em crispy
  10. PeatyMcBog

    HQ Beamer 2.5

    We wanted a smaller kite for the misses and high wind days but a four liner unlike the 2.2 Symphony we already own. So after reading the reviews and having experienced a couple of other HQ kites decided on the Beamer 2.5. This was purchased from Atmosphere Kites in Bristol who despite a problem over delivery details gave an excellent one to one service to resolve the issue (thanks). We have owned the kite for a few months now but rather than writing a review after the first flight thought we would get a better overall picture before putting pen to paper. The Kite bag is fairly good q
  11. John I have to agree two line kites are much underated with everyone banging on about 4 liners, they are so simple and so much fun, great learner kites. Ive never tried the peel but do find that my HQ symphony 4.1 will fly in little or no wind. great review
  12. PeatyMcBog

    HQ Beamer II

    Couldnt agree more a great fun kite for beginers and high winds fast and responsive turns on a sixpence (showing my age now) on the brakes. What are your brake setting Ive found they are best 3 knots in from the trailing end
  13. Excellent review Ive just bought my first board and it will be very helpful in getting me started and hopefully prevent me causing injury to myself lol. I wish it had been available before I made my choice of board
  14. Im on my third HQ kite 2 symphonys and a beamer cant fault any of them on build quality or flyability. An excellent range of low priced kites. Great review I cut my kiting teeth on the symphony 2.2 as well and yes it got to be an expensive hobby
  15. Excellent review and just in time as Im just about to order the 2.5 so this has convinced me to go ahead. Ta
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