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  1. I'm very into kite generated power. Like obsessively. This is the kind of conversation I look for. Yep, those Makani kites grew a bit since the first post here ... A bit too fast according to many of the folks on https://forum.awesystems.info It's good to say hello from the really weird side of kites.
  2. So if you ever wanted to go to the extreme high tech end of kite production... Now you can. Makani recently closed after too many crashes and not enough power production. However on closing, they did the right thing and open sourced a huge data archive. There's production schemes, tests, software, patents loads all open now. https://x.company/projects/makani/ It's good to share... But I still think they were mental. (Pals, I can say that) They chose an unscalable architecture. Should have gone networked kites like kite turbines instead bro.
  3. I'm making one out of kites. just soft kites. It's more sensible I think.
  4. I built a remote control for my kite. kinda back to front for this forum topic. but still. Why? well It's a single line liter kite and it's going to lift a generator made of an inflated ring with kites around it. The remote control will allow me to steer the generator kites back down to the ground. check it out Home and Daisy Kite Power Generator - PleaseFund.Us
  5. Too much time on my hands after hurting my back (better now thanks) So I made a proof of concept kite ring generator... it worked. So eh now, it looks like I'm about to put my prototype airborne kite ring generator together. Once that's done, eh, wow anyone got the skills to join in for the next phase? Home Daisy Kite Power Generator - PleaseFund.Us enjoy and please feedback and share
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