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  1. So it has happened, my old wooden scrub board has snapped and I need to replace the deck. I'm looking at a Trampa deck as I've heard that they are pretty good but am just checking what is around and what I should be looking for so have a couple of questions. my knowledge on what makes a good deck is fairly limited to making sure it is strong enough to not snap and making sure it doesn't weigh a tonne. Are there any other UK or can deliver to the UK manufacturers who make carbon fibre boards apart from Trampa? I want a replacement deck with maximum pop for getting air, should I be looking at a stiffer board or a more flexible board. I'm using 9.5mm skate trucks, I was planning to just put them on a new deck. While channel trucks are stronger and more stable for high speed, they are much heavier. Are they popular with kite landboarding or are they just too heavy?
  2. timG

    getting more grip

    Thanks for all the advice. I'll try moving my bodyweight around tomorrow and with the wind forecast, maybe i will get a new top speed. cheers Tim
  3. timG

    getting more grip

    Thanks for that, I'll try with a shorter swanneck next time i fly. Do you think 2 holes on the swanneck should be enough? I'm also using a radsail buggy.
  4. I was buggying today in around 15mph of wind and whenever i was getting past about 25-30 mph of buggy speed my back wheels would just slip away downwind causing me to loose all my speed. How can I increase the grip of my buggy so I can get to higher speeds.
  5. I have recently moved to Guildford and want to get kiteboarding more often. is there anywhere near Guildford where people fly static or traction?
  6. i was trying to get more traction and stability and the extensions were to get a wider axle. how does the triangulation effect the feel of the buggy?
  7. a new buggy is a bit out of my budget. I wasn't planning to spend much over £50.
  8. Hi i am thinking of making an extension for my radsail buggy. my plan was to gut the ends off the axle and making a sleeve to fit onto the end and welding it all solid is this a good idea and if it isn't could you suggest a better solution which doesn't involve too much welding as i'm not that experienced at it thanks tim
  9. would pipe insulation covered in gaffer tape last on buggy side rails as im looking foe more padding on my buggy?
  10. as i said here is my proof of my speed
  11. first time out with a speedomiter and hit 37.9 on my radsale buggy and 13m Guerilla will post a pick to prove it tomoro
  12. timG

    buggy tricks

    thanks i know how to keep balance when on 2 wheels but how do you get on 2 wheels in the first place? cheers tim
  13. timG

    buggy tricks

    i can do power slides and i have been doing buggying for about 2 years but havn't tried any tricks so i have reasonable control with my buggy.
  14. timG

    buggy tricks

    hi iim off on holiday next week to do some buggying and i was wondering if there are any fairly easy tricks which look good because i would like to move onto freestyle but don't know where to start cheers tim
  15. timG

    increasing speed

    so theoretically if i have the perfect wind for my guerilla and perfect sand wat speeds could i get up to in my radsail buggy? also im looking at a cycle computer for my buggy. If i can get it calebrated how acurate are they?
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