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Facebook & Twitter Login




000-facebook_twitter.thumb.png.79105f60bFacebook and Twitter are two of the internet's juggernauts, chances are you probably already have an account with one of them.  We've made using your existing Facebook or Twitter account to login to Extreme Kites as simple as 1 click!

  • New Users Click Here and choose Facebook or Twitter.
  • Existing User read below to enable Facebook and Twitter logins with your account!






New Users
Click Here to Login or use the Login Link at the top of the page, then click on either Facebook or Twitter.
That's it you're done and now you have a new account on Extreme Kites.  You can login anytime in the future just by clicking Facebook or Twitter on the Login Screen.



Existing Users
If you're already a Member of Extreme Kites then it's just as easy to enable Facebook or Twitter login.  
Either browse to your Account Settings or use one of the links below.

Once you've selected either Facebook or Twitter from the above links now just click the Login Bar, and that's it!





Advanced Options
You can choose to sync your Status Feed, Profile Picture and Cover Photo direct from Facebook or Twitter with the advanced options.
When you update your Profile Picture or Cover Photo on Facebook or Twitter it will update your profile here on Extreme Kites as well.

005-sync_facebook.thumb.png.41013353bc36  006-sync_twitter.png



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