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Found 12 results

  1. .Joel

    Website Upgrades

    The new season down under is upon us, so it's time to upgrade the website and launch a new section Today I've done the basic upgrade, there's a few areas to fix and polish then I'll be launching a new section which will keep you hooked for hours There will be some errors and issues, they can be submitted here: http://www.extremekites.com.au/bugs/
  2. Today, Extreme Kites releases a World Kite Records section that allows us to look at the past whilst stepping in to the future. The new World Kiting Records section is fully uniform with drag & drop uploads for your GPS images and optional GPS data. It's fully searchable with a set of filters allowing you to really drill down in to the information that has set each record. You can filter to find out whom the fastest pilots in your country are, perhaps you want to know what the top speed set on a GT-Race buggy is? Even better, what about finding out the top speed set on Discs with a Peter Lynn Vapor? All of this and more is either possible today, or within the next month as more information gets added to the database. Previously we've all been limited to records being maintained in Wiki's, Forum Threads and Personal Blogs. The one thing that all of these inherited was that they are all up to an individual to maintain whether it was here in our Community or elsewhere. Instead we've built a system so that there's a whole team from today and forever in to the future maintaining a database of peoples' personal achievements. This is just the beginning, last year we went through a whole site redevelopment explaining after years we had to finally take two steps back to be able to move forwards and bring you the type of online experience we wanted. We did this by launching the new website, then following on with sections like Blogs, Reviews etc. The Kite Buggy Speed section is just the first, over the coming weeks we'll include more sections along with other kiting disciplines like Landboarding, Kiteboarding, Kite Skates and Snowkiting. We aim over time, as a team to build the most comprehensive, searchable database of World Kiting Records available. Kind Regards, Joel T
  3. .Joel

    Extreme Kites Reviews

    A brilliant new Extreme Kites Reviews section is now live! We've put together a stunning view of the reviews homepage that works across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile so you can enjoy the latest content on whatever device you're using. For years people have contributed reviews throughout a Discussion Forum or as a Reply to a Topic. That information has been helpful, however revisiting that information later on when you need it again has been difficult and the longer time went on the harder revisiting that information becomes. With the new Extreme Kites Reviews to which anyone can contribute we hope as a community to build an incredibly useful resource that's as relevant in years to come as it is today for people searching information and experiences with kites and related gear. We hope you enjoy the new Extreme Kites Reviews and look forward to your own opinions and experiences shared through your own reviews. Please submit any issues via the Bug Tracker, feel free to discuss improvements etc in the comments below. Visit our new Reviews here: http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/
  4. Today we've opened a new Getting Started section on Extreme Kites with the aim to build some useful and helpful guides for those just starting their journey. Over the years there's been many helpful discussion topics and a number of online resources for beginners, unfortunately time has claimed both the relevance and existence of many of those resources. By bringing a fresh set of articles that the community can interact with, comment and update we hope to be able to provide a resource to new kiters that is both helpful and relevant to the current and future times. We will be populating the Getting Started guides over the next few weeks, then I'll be opening up the whole section so Members in the community can contribute articles. Getting Started: http://www.extremekites.com.au/getting-started/
  5. .Joel

    Invite to Extreme Kites

    We've enabled a new Invite System to make bringing your friends along to Extreme Kites even easier! On the top right there's now an invite icon, which you can press and use to invite your friends, family and kiting buddies. In your control panel you'll see a list of members invited by you: When your invitee receives their email and clicks the signup link your referral code is automatically entered in to the signup form.
  6. .Joel

    Because History Matters

    Extreme Kites has been around for more than a decade, that's more than 3650 days, 87,600 hours, 5,256,000 minutes, 315,360,000 seconds. Somewhere along that vast timeline many people have contributed knowledge to the community, they have increased the wealth of information we all share and reference. This is what makes communities like Extreme Kites amazing places to contribute. I see content and knowledge shared as part of the journey of this community. Reflecting on this, something that has been bothering me recently is small holes appearing at times in very old content, here is one example. This was a great post back in 2008 and it could of been useful to one of our members recently, unfortunately the images are no longer part of the post as a "remote image" service was used to host the files. From today, because history matters I've implemented a new solution on Extreme Kites. When a member decides to use a "remote" file or image in their post our system will automatically create a local copy of it and treat it as an attachment. This enables us to better preserve useful contributions so the community can continue to experience, read and enjoy those contributions in their entirety for many years to come.
  7. .Joel

    Event Albums Imported

    HUGE Import in to the Event Albums has taken place bringing back 10 years of Australian kiting history. I've backdated the Albums and Images, now just finalising some file permissions on some of the images within the albums. You can jump in and take a look for yourself, we'll also be inserting a number of missing albums from 2010 to 2015 where the images were posted in the Discussion Forums for those events. Link: http://www.extremekites.com.au/gallery/category/2-event-albums/ Next up is the GKC Blog and then Member's Albums to follow...
  8. Looking for some feedback from people whom enjoy reading reviews and people whom enjoy writing reviews. If you could take a minute or two and please provide some feedback it would be really helpful. When you're reading a review what are you looking for from the review? When you are writing a review, what do you focus on? If you're going to rate elements of a kite from 1 to 10, what are those elements you would rate?
  9. Google+ Accounts can now be used to login to Extreme Kites the same way that we have enabled Facebook & Twitter Logins. New Users simply click the Orange "Sign in with Google" bar. Existing Users go to "Account Settings," select the "Google" tab then simply click the Orange "Sign in with Google" bar.
  10. My favourite weather website (and app) is going through an upgrade, it includes new features like actual wind compared to forecast and a wind rose... http://wind.willyweather.com.au/wa/perth/rockingham.html
  11. iPhones & iPads are some of the most popular items used for interacting with Extreme Kites. This tutorial will focus on how easy it is to upload multiple images at once from your iPad, and very similarly your iPhone. After pressing "Start New Topic," or "Reply to this Topic" of any page the editor appears. 1) Press/Tap "Click to Choose Files. 2) Select/Tap the Album your files are in. 3) Select/Tap which photos you want to upload, you can choose multiple at once by simply tapping them. 4) The files will now upload, you can either press "Submit Entry" or you can choose the little [+] sign to choose where you want to position the images. The same principles as above can be used when uploading multiple images to your own Gallery or Blog as well.
  12. Facebook and Twitter are two of the internet's juggernauts, chances are you probably already have an account with one of them. We've made using your existing Facebook or Twitter account to login to Extreme Kites as simple as 1 click! New Users Click Here and choose Facebook or Twitter. Existing User read below to enable Facebook and Twitter logins with your account! New Users Click Here to Login or use the Login Link at the top of the page, then click on either Facebook or Twitter. That's it you're done and now you have a new account on Extreme Kites. You can login anytime in the future just by clicking Facebook or Twitter on the Login Screen. Existing Users If you're already a Member of Extreme Kites then it's just as easy to enable Facebook or Twitter login. Either browse to your Account Settings or use one of the links below. Click Here to add Facebook. Click Here to add Twitter. Once you've selected either Facebook or Twitter from the above links now just click the Login Bar, and that's it! Advanced Options You can choose to sync your Status Feed, Profile Picture and Cover Photo direct from Facebook or Twitter with the advanced options. When you update your Profile Picture or Cover Photo on Facebook or Twitter it will update your profile here on Extreme Kites as well.
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