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So, what on earth do you use a Blog for?  You can use it for anything you like really.  Your favorite kiting trip.....or your worst!  Both.....all of them.  You can talk about what you'd like to achieve, what you have achieved.  You could make it a 'how to' or just your general kiting journey.  Does it have to be about kiting?  Hell no, it's your blog - you could use it to vent about your lousy day at work, or for that matter, what you do at work.  You could use it to talk about all the dreams you had in life about being a famous guitarist and how it was all shot to pieces when a record company guru complained that your music was all riff-driven, which is completely idiotic because some of the greatest hits are written around catchy riffs....er,...um....well enough of that....:blush:  Your latest project.  Your best recipies.  Favorite places to eat, kite, photograph, whatever.  Go for it.  Add pics, videos, links, whatever you like.

Sunset from the foreshore in front of the Kingston SE caravan park.



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