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Uploading Images with iPad




iPhones & iPads are some of the most popular items used for interacting with Extreme Kites.  
This tutorial will focus on how easy it is to upload multiple images at once from your iPad, and very similarly your iPhone.

After pressing "Start New Topic," or "Reply to this Topic" of any page the editor appears.

1) Press/Tap "Click to Choose Files.
2) Select/Tap the Album your files are in.
3) Select/Tap which photos you want to upload, you can choose multiple at once by simply tapping them.
4) The files will now upload, you can either press "Submit Entry" or you can choose the little [+] sign to choose where you want to position the images.

ipad-001.thumb.png.2d3644560f0e778c85822 ipad-002.thumb.png.9966eeca90b85ce86c04e ipad-003.thumb.png.442beab6bbd34961a3176 ipad-004.thumb.png.f49b5450b8a6e6245a8a4 ipad-005.thumb.png.0604becde478fe7543aab

The same principles as above can be used when uploading multiple images to your own Gallery or Blog as well.



Recommended Comments

Unfortunately when I click to choose files, no box with album appears , instead it jumps to top of page.

It could be the operating version, I'm on 5.1.1 ( yes it's old, but until now it's done what I need .

Will try the iPhone tommorow, it's version 8.1

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It's the original iPad, no can update past 5.1.1

Not an issue, just use the phone for pics, ..... Great idea by the way, take a pic at an event, 2 mins later it's up for all to see.  Kudos

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