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Found 21 results

  1. The 2020 Moose meet was a great success this year with good winds and a nice group of the usual suspects. And here are a few pics for you to enjoy.
  2. The Naki Nutbuster. 20, 21 February. 2016 Low tide. 20th 15:24, 21st 16:09 Silly games as usual. A new adventure race location has been scouted. It has wide fast and hard sections, direct upwind and downwind sections, steep angled beach sections, 2 river crossings and even a shipwreck to avoid!... Oh yeah and don't forget the massive boulders and baby head sized rocks! Race venue will be Oakura beach day 1, Fitzroy beach day 2. @SoutherlyBuster You might want to jump on a plane and turn up like a rock star. There's a direct flight from chch to np. I've got 2 landboards you a the boy can use and 2 buggies!... Well 1 buggy for me!.
  3. Does anyone know if this is happening for next year? If it's still on, be great to plan a trip over to vis family, just a lil bit of extra luggage - haha Thanks Jan
  4. I've joined up to this Forum, hoping to find some people in, around or visiting Kerikeri, Far North, NZ? Wanting to re-ignite my love of the Kite Buggy, so many beaches with noone to share with. Been on Buggy for a while, in the UK and NZ, got a NZ PL here and soon to have my MKI Parastorm Typhoon. I'm always up for a beach fly, so if anyone around let me know. Ziggi
  5. http://kitebuggyadventure.com/ check it out ....
  6. http://www.metservice.com/national/warn ... e-warnings
  7. welcome kiwis , moose meet not too far away now , whos going ?
  8. looking to go to murs late afternoon on sunday , 20 gusting 30 kts and low at 430 , might see you there ..
  9. Etrex GPS very good condition runs on 2 AA's for 8 + hours 80.00 Duro tyres Excelent condition $55.00 each and tubeless valves available for 50c Asso rims inc s/s bearings and spacers x2 $58.00 ea TomTom nav Gps will do speed too but gets you to the event ( NZ map loaded ) $90.00 Kite lines 20m Ozone Orange Red 180/110 $68.00 ea 2 sets Ozone Yakuzza 6.0m excellent cond Kit and Bag $390.00
  10. Guest

    Woohoo it works

    I tried to join this forum twice before. It seems the last time I did a typo on my email address. Thanks for sorting that out Jimmy.
  11. Guest

    New Guy

    A guy emailed me about getting a lesson. I don't really do lessons but I have assisted a few people with there first rides. Any way I write back asking if he has any kite skills and it turns out he is a power kiter and sport kiter and he even has a big foot. We were trying for a ride this weekend and now I am sick. Bummer. Its always nice to get someone new in the crew. There are so few of us its nice to know we are not alone.
  12. Hi Guys, I have setup http://www.extremekites.co.nz to redirect you directly to the NZ forum for convenience. We are working heavily on a new site, however this should shorten your trip to here a bit. Regards, .Joel
  13. It seems that every one I know, knows someone affected in some way. I spent my teenage yrs in Christchurch and it is horrible to count the numbers on the news. And also to see some of those old lovely old buildings fall apart. Was the Jazz club still going in the basement at the Arts Centre? How bout the artists residences high on the rooftops there? I've seen the French street masacred in the last one, so many memories. Nephew over there, few scratches n bumps, OK. Took 3 days to track down my mother. Off on some tractor tour thing and heading toward CHCH. She's in trouble when she answers her home phone next.
  14. Hi this is deanoBeano from the UK - Peter Faukles and I are going up to Souh Head this weekend as a clean SW is blowing all weeken d, with an afternoon tide of 14.20 and 15.10ish and no rain on the radar.
  15. Hay guys I am heading back to nz early june, I live in wanganui and I have just started kiteboarding (landboarding) and wanted to see if there was anyone around wanganui/palmy that wanted to have a fly, I have all my own gear and keen for any tips i can get
  16. In association with Landboarding NZ we will be running a snow kiting trips later in the year. We are hoping late July early August will be the date. At this point we are in negotiation with different possible locations and as a result nothing is confirmed as of yet. Keep Checking back to this thread for updates and if you wish to talk about it or express an intrest in coming please make all posts in the thread here. http://www.extremekites.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=3730 As i said i will post updates here and chat can go in the other thread. Zee
  17. OK, we're coming to CHCH to do some house shopping and we'll be bringing kite gear (kites and landboard for now) too so we can check out the beach and maybe meet some peeps. We'll probably only be there mon-fri so looking for an afternoon/evening meet up with anybody interested in saying hi and having a chat (and maybe a drink if there is a good pub nearby). Of course we'll be moving in a few weeks so I'm sure I'll get to meet anybody who reads this at some point. Let me know -Martin (p.s. also posted at kiteforum.co.nz)
  18. Been thinking about this one, I've heard that it is on the last dying legs, which seems a shame. Couldn't do it last year, but seriously considering this year. Any Kiwis out there to confirm the dates 23/24th January? I've got another Aussie keen to come over, but we're both looking at the budget and accom options. I've got family in Blenheim, so thats not a problem initially, but accom in Nelson for at least myself and another kiter would be helpful to assist. thanks Jan
  19. 27\10\07 - 28\10\07 The 2007 13th Annual Muriwai Moose Meet 2 days of hardcore kite buggy ,power kite and kite surfing actionCome prepared for wild west coast weatherWhen:Saturday & Sunday the 27th and 28th of October Tides: Sat 27th low tide 5:03 pm 4WD`s up beach at 2:00pm Sun 28th low tide 5:49 pm drive back at 7:00pm (times have been adjusted for daylight savings) Where: Muriwai Beach on the west coast ,west of Auckland Accomodation: Camping in the dunes ,make sure you bring everything you need to survive. Contact: Perrin on 09 3580991 or 021 253 0453 There is a more civilized camp site at Muriwai Beach Call them on 09 411 9262 for details May the Moose be with you If you want to see some pics from the 2006 Moose Meet go to Peter Boots Photos Dave Kays Video If you want to see some pics from the 2005 Moose Meet go to http://www.kitebuggy.co.nz/ http://radio.weblogs.com/0128644/2005/10/09.html#a678
  20. Summer winds have been late this year, but now we seem to be slipping into a pattern of regular NE flow. South Brighton beach is the location for the kiting event for everyone. 2007 KITESPORTS CHALLENGE is a general freeride, plus a few fun events thrown in the mix. Kitesurfing- round The Pier downwind race & wave masters Kite Buggy 5 km time trials Landboard/Buggy Freestyle Meet at South Brighton Surf club @ 10am for FREE rego, t-shirts/hoodies available to order Spot prizes, BBQ, beers... Be there... if not, we'll tell you 'bout it!
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