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  1. The 2020 Moose meet was a great success this year with good winds and a nice group of the usual suspects. And here are a few pics for you to enjoy.
  2. I have been driving Peter Lynn buggys for about 10 years and have customized them to my requirements - ie. to get them to stop breaking when I go crazy in the sand dunes of Muriwai 😉 . I started off with a standard alloy wheel peter lynn "comp" buggy and have ended up getting a 1.4m Giga strong M15 insert back axle ,2 sets of 32mm extended heavy duty side frames ,2 XR race seats and heavy duty front fork with a M12 head set .I upgraded the back axle bolts to M15 as well. I also got a big foot front end with a custom goose neck down tube with a M12 head set and a suspension 1.4m back axle with adjustable cambertoe plates and a custom heavy duty 5 wheel kit. With all this gear I can make up a 3 wheel or a 5 wheel buggy and a big foot buggy. The 3 wheel is the best light wind buggy I have and with the suspension axle great for flat land freestyle jumping. The 5 wheel is my favourite ,it needs a bit more power to get it going but it has a lot of usefull features - It has a lot of side ways grip ,is very stable,has anti aqua planing abilitys and is able to dampen out any fish tailing.It also has a sort of semi suspension and good soft sand driveability.The 5 wheel is also the one I have gone the fastest in (101kph,40kg ballast,40knots,12m shockwave) The Bigfoot is for charging in the sand dunes ,it has the best driveability on super soft powdery sand dunes and will even float with me in it.This is the best buggy for exploring new beaches.This buggy does have alot of ground clearance and is heavy so is possible to roll. It aquaplanes at about 50kph and is the most challanging to drive. If I was only to have one it would be the 5 wheel as it is the most versatile. The only thing I haven't broken is myself but you can usually bend the buggy back into shape. By : kiteworks
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