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  1. The 2020 Moose meet was a great success this year with good winds and a nice group of the usual suspects. And here are a few pics for you to enjoy.
  2. I have been driving Peter Lynn buggys for about 10 years and have customized them to my requirements - ie. to get them to stop breaking when I go crazy in the sand dunes of Muriwai 😉 . I started off with a standard alloy wheel peter lynn "comp" buggy and have ended up getting a 1.4m Giga strong M15 insert back axle ,2 sets of 32mm extended heavy duty side frames ,2 XR race seats and heavy duty front fork with a M12 head set .I upgraded the back axle bolts to M15 as well. I also got a big foot front end with a custom goose neck down tube with a M12 head set and a suspension 1.4m back axle
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