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  1. Or Abergele is OK, from the beach straight as you come off the A55
  2. From Manchester in a NW then go to Ainsdale or Blackpool.
  3. It's possible but I wouldn't, there's so many boats moored up you'll get tangled. The cliffs are quite high and it's a rounded bay, you'll get bad turbulence. On the plus side the Lifeboat is only 100 Yards away and there's a pub on the beach! Ty Coch Webcam Why not try Lligwy on Anglesey instead?
  4. Tom @ Kite It Right is worth a shout, he is big into his North stuff, particularly around that time.
  5. Mart, It's deffo silicone tube you want. Try Cygnus. One Pump Kite Tube Replacment Kit - Cygnus Sails I'll have a look, I may have some left over I can post. John
  6. I will not be having anything to do with KKR ever again, had problems with communication, delays and a rubbish quality job. Anyone else BEWARE and AVOID.
  7. Another thought, why not get a normal car and then a Custom Trailer for the buggy stuff?
  8. VW vans are great, T4, T5, Caddy. Got a T4 myself and love it, but you pay a premium for them though. Ford / Fiat vans are cheaper, but not such a good reputation. People say good things about the Vauxhall Vivaro and the Renault and Nissan versions. If you do go down the Van route you will pay a premium to insure it as a van, unless it's a camper. Also you will be restricted on speed limits on dual carriageway and national speed limits. Probably cheaper to get an estate car, Passat / Octavia. What about an MPV, something like a VW Sharan?
  9. After the winter? That's the best time!
  10. Tried to PM you but your box is full. Emailed you instead.
  11. Doesn't usually affect the kitesurfin Bro, check with the rangers though. Could just head to Blackpool instead? Or borrow a buggy and show them how it's done!
  12. When I went to Ibiza "back in the day" then Playa den bossa was rammed with people, not a chance of getting a launch without taking out some ravers.
  13. What's the logic bud and how did you find each on a test flight?
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