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  1. Two sides to every story just a shame jacko can't step up and put a end to it bit am not arsed about that. It's you mick with all yer scouse shit don't get me wrong can take a joke but my kids are scouse are my nices and nephews and u go to far your a shit house hue blows he's gob behind a PC call me all yer won't but wacth yer mouth with the scouse thieving shit u come out with u gone to far little boy!!!!!!
  2. Hue the fuck are u mick the scouse digs are starting to piss me off am telling yer mick watch yer mouth av all ready had 4 people on here pm me your adders because there think ur a prick!! keep it son shine and u will know what it's like to piss a scouse off arse wipe
  3. I like you mick I think we're going to be great pals xx
  4. No not at all just tring to put faces to names all ways nice to say hi on the beach xx
  5. Dragnfly were you in tiree with us a few years back??
  6. Fucken off if there's no fight!!!!! .,,,,((((;;; ......
  7. I will give you hug dickhead one you never forget arse hole!!! Jacko if yer need me you know were I am don't worrie about there's arseholes mate.
  8. Am northern so I will say it shut the fuck up Sergio what ever the fuck your name is shit house if not got balls to front it shut the fuck up as for you mick your like a women always sticking your noise in were it's not wanted get a fucken life and just in case ,..,;:,,,,,,,....'......'''
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