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  1. I hear that always with my puny arms We stayed at Pandanus Palms Resort. Great House with excellent views. We have been 2 couples and payed 45 Dollars pp per day. Love this place cause it is close to Main and Flinders Beach. It has everything you need and it is clean. Next time we have to organise a group holiday guys. No excuses
  2. South Straddie sounds good by the way, it's not peak time and I had approx 10 cars a day. They all stopped and looked quiet impressed when I took off I overtook a ranger with 60 km/h and he couldn't believe it. I had a chat with him later and he wants to ride a buggy now
  3. Just came back and cleaned everything. Sand in every corner Guys, I had a ball at Flinders Beach. Distance per day up to 90 Kilometer. Distance in total 310 km. High Speed 67 km/h and average speed approx 42 km/h. Started with PKD Soulfly 5.5 up to 7.5, last day 5.5 down to 3.5. Longest run and return to base was 7 km... Sunday til Thursday perfect condition. Wind and Tide spoilt me. I guess I found a new Love here I still have a smile on my face.... It was just fu*king perfect Pics are coming soon.
  4. I will pop over to Straddie for a week and have my buggy ready to go. If somone is there at this time, just give me a quick call and we can catch up. I will target main and flinders beach, depends on wind direction. Cheers Rolf
  5. It was awesome guys, couldn't believe how many people have dogs Thanks guys for sharing a cold german Lager with me Mey Mick, when did you do the 5okm/h. I guess it was the gust when I had 128km/h on my meter
  6. I reckon skirmish is a better option with ESE Come on guys, you are the rangers here. 10 am wolfie... you goose
  7. Wind ESE 10 knots... Bring on the big kites and a cool beer It's not all about the wind hay??? Wolfie, didn't you do last time already kitesurfing in your buggy??? No, sorry that was JKS Hope to see you there today... PS: Now 13 knots-----
  8. Do you have my mobile? Just in case plans will change. I will send you a pm with my number. I will hit bribie at 11 am
  9. Counti


    No chance for me too Waited til today and prayed but I have to work... Sorry
  10. According my forecast windfinder.com we will have a crap wind But I am keen to hit the beach on Saturday too...
  11. Sorry couldn´t make it. The deers had a party...
  12. If you build it... they will come
  13. I am on my way to a deer farm with Bambi and Rudolph I will be back at 3 pm, hopefully. Let me know if you are still there and I come around for a hug
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