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  1. Welcome to the sport. It's a fantastic addiction personally! What board have you got? Like Andy said, and perhaps lessons on kite surfing in general if you can, just to know the equipment, kite control, etc assuming you're a beginner. If not, no worries... it's a great sport. I love it more than kitesurfing honestly, as it's so much easier to setup and quicker than preparing for water kiting. But of course, like all sports, there are greater risks with landboarding obviously, but once you get the hang of it, it's so much more fun. Enjoy
  2. That's a great spot mate. Back in my surfing days, I used to just take a sickie just for a surf. That gut feeling cannot be denied.
  3. And almost a year later... So how's the Gong kites Pari? There are three guys up here in Townsville, that love them. However, they have a different version with the batton slider instead of a single inflatable strutt bladder. Because of the baton, the trailing edge hardly flutters, as it's designed to give as much rigidity to the canopy. For a single "strut" kite I was quite impressed, and the low end on the 9m gong was impressive. Guys were riding in 8 knots. Us twin-tippers just looking on, even those with Soul kites. lol... but a great kite I've heard.
  4. MBS Core 95 landboard and power kite(s)? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/468182987571325/ Peter Lynn Quad Kite https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/820538775227356/
  5. Still ugly IMO. I loved their older Speed 3 CEditions. I hope they bring those colors back. Even the Dlx coloring back in 2010 was way better.
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