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  1. That's a great spot mate. Back in my surfing days, I used to just take a sickie just for a surf. That gut feeling cannot be denied.
  2. And almost a year later... So how's the Gong kites Pari? There are three guys up here in Townsville, that love them. However, they have a different version with the batton slider instead of a single inflatable strutt bladder. Because of the baton, the trailing edge hardly flutters, as it's designed to give as much rigidity to the canopy. For a single "strut" kite I was quite impressed, and the low end on the 9m gong was impressive. Guys were riding in 8 knots. Us twin-tippers just looking on, even those with Soul kites. lol... but a great kite I've heard.
  3. MBS Core 95 landboard and power kite(s)? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/468182987571325/ Peter Lynn Quad Kite https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/820538775227356/
  4. Still ugly IMO. I loved their older Speed 3 CEditions. I hope they bring those colors back. Even the Dlx coloring back in 2010 was way better.
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