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    Litewave 169

    The Lightwave 169 was my first training board for kite surfing. Researched the characteristics of the larger board for the larger rider I purchased a pristine example from Ebay. With a total length of 169cm and twin tip this was the ideal learner board for me. Took a day out to Cleethorpes and met an instructor to give me some pointers to starting, I was already familiar with rigging and launching, and took to the water with a 9mtr Flexifoil Strike and Dakine Fusion Harness.

    What an amazing board. With my history of Cable Wake Boarding and Speed Windsurfing the transition to kitesurf-board should have been a smooth one. Hmm. Took about 5 attempts to actually get planning on the Litewave 169, and personally I think this was down to the board. Tough as nails with razor sharp rails, all this board wanted to do was GO!

    I sold the board shortly after this day however, due to wanting a slightly smaller board that would be easier to travel abroad with. Bought the Naish 134 TTPRO. Compared to the Litewave the TTPRO feels like a TOP TRUMP card! Oh the TTPRO is pretty wide at 40ish centimetres, but there is no beating the 169 for overall buoyancy and early planning capabilities.

    I would deffo get another, if I could find one at the right price. Shouldn't have sold the last one.

    One of the other points that sold me the Litewave is the story of one owner who left his board leant up behind a transit van next to the beach. Not too surprisingly the van reversed, flattening the board into the sand. On rescuing the board, the only sign of damage were a few scratch marks down the rocker, no dents or perforations what so ever.

    By : mrmawalker

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    this is a fantastic board. I also started on it. Currently actually selling mine on ebay. I would definitely keep it if I could afford to have two boards, but not enough room in the car, so going for something shorter. if you are just starting out with kitesurfing, don't go and get a small trendy board...because you will get very frustrated when you can never get going properly. With this board, you have no choice but to be up on the plane...it really is that good!

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