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August 2016 News




aug-fs_sonic.pngCatch up on whats been going on around the community with our August 2016 Newsletter!

Flysurfer have been incredibly busy, shots of the new Sonic2-FR have been appearing online and we've got a discussion topic full of them!  Joel Theodore, one of the Extreme Kites Team was fortunate enough to access a prototype Flysurfer Sonic-FR 6M, which leads us to guess that those who were all wanting a smaller than 9M kite should see a 6M as part of the Sonic2-FR range.  




aug-north_clickbar.pngNorth have released a new "Click Bar" for 2016/17 season, removing altogether the centre line depower trim and it's now all controlled via the rear lines.  Interestingly North themselves leaked their own images via their Marketing. Everybody spotted them then they came asking if we could hold off publishing them. So we've left what the North Click Bar looks like to your imagination for now and instead went on a crusade and found a heap of Patents which we published here.  These patents from BEST, Ocean Rodeo, North and Spleene show that there are a few companies all looking at rear-line adjustable kite bars.





aug-speed_records.pngWorld Records for All Kiting Disciplines

Last month we launched a new World Records section that is filterable and searchable. We've started off with Kite Buggy Speed Records, this month we'll extend on that to include Speed and Distance achievements for Kiteboarding, Landboarding, Snowkiting and other related disciplines.


If you're a Kite Buggy Pilot and have a GPS photo of your top speed we would love if you could contribute by submitting your personal best in to our database.

The records will tie in to a few new upcoming site sections and features we're yet to publish and still working on in the background whilst the team also tests these before release.

Like any new feature we launch, if you find an issue please submit to our Bug Tracker so it can be noted and fixed.

aug-events.pngExtreme Kites Community Event Calendar
Upcoming events to RSVP and get to!

Moose Meet, New Zealand
October 14th - October 17th
RSVP | Event Discussion

Clench @ Speed Week 2016, Australia
October 27th - November 1st
RSVP | Event Discussion

Blow @ Kingston 2017, Australia
January 12th - January 26th
RSVP | Event Discussion






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