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Extreme Kites T-Shirts




Well it has been a while since Extreme Kites had T-Shirts available!  
So without further adieu feel free to pickup a great looking T-Shirt for yourself here http://shop.spreadshirt.com.au/xknews/ )
Shipping is Global!

Speed Seeker Series.jpg


Ordering from Spreadshirt
When ordering from Spreadshirt you can choose the colours we've selected for you, or alternatively you can look at all the different garment colours and choose one that you prefer.   Spreadshirt handles all payments, prints and dispatches the T-Shirts generally within 48 to 72 hours of placing your order.


Here's a few of our Community Members wearing the last set of samples, starting with @jhn.holgate, my wife @Melissa and then @The Duke:good: 

speedseeker-john.jpg speedseeker-melissa.jpg speedseeker-neil.jpg 



Recommended Comments

28 minutes ago, mezzararty said:

Shall be placing an order in the next month (once the wage starts to come back in) Not sure what colour to pick - love the orange!

You can change the T-Shirt colours to whatever you desire :good: 
I've always liked how bright the Orange is as well, two other colours I quite like are the Purple and Asphalt. 

speed-seeker-women-s-women-s-t-shirt-3.jpg speed-seeker-premium-women-s-womens-premium-t-shirt-3.jpg


Some more colours that are available too... check the dropdown on the product listings for more colour options.






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