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Mezza to the Rescue...again




So, my biggest bird rescue goes out to one very displaced pelican in Wonga Park. The poor girl was found very dazed in the back paddock of a house up there. Sitting in the sun all day until I arrived, I managed to get her up the slope and into the goats water trough where she sat quite happily until help arrived.IMG_8578.thumb.jpg.efa61349296648bb0d9bb

She looked as though she had received a hit on the head at some point, but showed signed of encouragement when she decided that it was "chase time" Ask Doug what its like to have your arm down a  pelican's throat!

So help arrives in the form of a fellow rescuer who starts asking me questions, such as "What do you know about pelicans" and wasn't quick enough to say that "His beak can hold more than his belly can" So I just said that its wise to "keep out the way of its beak". Anyway, capturing actually wasn't too bad, not a good sign though. And I make the trip up to Healesville Sanctuary, where I am pounced all by all the vet staff as its quite an unusual case. 

Unfortunately, the poor thing passed away a few nights later but what an experience that was!

Have a Raven in at the moment - my god, don't they smell! Anyway this one has concussion so it in for hopefully a couple of days and can re-join its family group mid week. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, Mez signing out.




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1 hour ago, .Joel said:

That swag looks like it's got some nice height to it, where'd you find it?

That was my first thought too Joel. It's a ripper!!!

My king single is way too low and my toes hold up the bottom end.

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6 hours ago, .Joel said:

That swag looks like it's got some nice height to it, where'd you find it?

Anaconda @.Joel

@Chook and @.Joel

Its Maggie's swag - so she can get out of the sandy wind :) Ive retreated to it a few times too - we both fit. So does all out gear when it starts to rain.

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