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Mez the Animal Warrior




So during my day (between shifts) I help out a friend who rehabilitates Australian Wildlife back into the wild. Here are just a few since February this year who have made a full recovery and are on the way to be released again. Good Luck Kiddies!



Charlotte - an Eastern Grey Kangaroo. She has successfully be released and is living a wild life. 



Abby - the Wombat. She was born with an undeveloped palette and when she was bottle fed (as her Mum was killed in a road accident) she would stop breathing. She is currently still at the shelter, with her mate Luke, getting over a case of mange. 


Luca and Sienna - eastern grey's. They are at their soft release shelter, where they will stay for about a month, before the pen doors are opened and they can venture out into the wild.


Luke Wombat


Luca and Sienna - Sienna had the tip of her tail removed because when her Mum was killed, she fractured the tip and it was just a dead weight. This does not prevent her from bounding around and will live a very normal life. 


The cutest of the group, WInta and Stevie. 4 month old wombat joeys. They have a long way to go before they can be released. None the less though, in good care. 




Recommended Comments

There isn't much not to like about kangaroos.  Although the bigger ones can be a bit intimidating and worth keeping clear of.  I even think rabbits are awfully cute - so how many generations do they have to be here to be thought of as native?  They've certainly been here WAY more generations than we have that's for sure.

Did a bee keeping course on the weekend in preparation for us getting some hives a little later this year.  Fascinating little critters.  The queen mates once and the sperm lasts her between 2 and 7 years and she lays 2000 - 2500 eggs per day.  Tended to by the workers (all female) who only last about 6 weeks.  Occasionally the queen decides not to use the sperm and she lays infertile eggs which become the drones (blokes) who's only job is mate with the queen.  If I remember right, they only mate with a queen from another colony....not sure about that bit - but they last a few months if I remember correctly.  And don't wear dark furry clothing around hives - they'll think you're a bear and won't be nice to you.

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