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Sandy Point Vic. Christmas/New Year buggy run?


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Well the silly season is almost upon us.

So as I have been trying for the last 12 months to get a buggy run in, now seems to be the best chance.

With most people's work finishing up before Christmas, we just need to time dates with suitable tide times.


Waratah Bay Low tide times:

Monday 18th Dec. 10.36am

Tuesday 19th, 11.23am

Wednesday 20th, 12.10pm

Thursday 21st, 1.00pm

Friday 22nd, 1.53pm

Saturday 23rd, 2.49pm

Sunday 24th, 3.48pm

Christmas day.

Boxing day.

Wednesday 27th, 6.37pm 

Thursday 28th, 7am + 7pm

Friday 29th, 8am + 8pm

Saturday 30th, 9am + 9pm

Sunday 31st, 9.51am

Monday 1st Jan. 10.33am

Tuesday 2nd, 11.13am

Wednesday 3rd, 11.51am

Thursday 4th, 12.29pm

Friday 5th, 1.09pm

Saturday 6th, 1.52pm

Sunday 7th, 2.38pm

Monday 8th, 3.29pm

Tuesday 9th, 4.24pm

Wednesday 10th, 5.18pm


If people are free, the 3-4 days before Christmas look great.

But the best chance for a perfect day is the week long stretch from Dec. 31st to the 7th of Jan.

So dust off the buggies, check the bearings, and give the kites a once over (Blokarts and mountain boards welcome).

I am itching for a buggy this silly season.  :goplay::nigel:




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