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Depower kite for a fixed bridle guy

Branden Lawson

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I’ve been using an assortment of fixed bridle kites for the last year including the 5&6meter twisters, 4.9 blade, and 3.5 rage.  I’ve recently started Land boarding and my usual winds are 7-15mph with some inland/ mountain gusts in the upper end. I’m interested in trying a Depower foil but I’m not really sure what size and model to buy to provide good power in lower to moderate winds but not kill me in gusts. I like the speed that the FB blade provides but it’s sketchy in gusty conditions. I’ve been looking at the HQ Apex and Peter lynn Lynx in the 8meter range but I’m not sure if those are going to be sluggish or even the right size to get me going. I really like the performance of my FB 3.5 rage on the board but it typically doesn’t have enough power so I think I’m after a more powerful Depower equivalent. And help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi @Branden Lawsonwelcome to Extreme Kites!


Your on the right track with what your looking for in depower kite size ie. you mention an 8 meter. 8 - 10 meter depowers should have you going in the wind range you mentioned. Not sure what the used market is like in your area, however you could look for a used Ozone Access 10m which is friendly to learn depower with and is very forgiving with gusts. You could even look for a 9m frenzy too if available which would have as much power as the 10, just a little more advanced kite great for land boarding. Depends on what is around for you - second hand is always a good option to learn depower kites and then if you wanted to buy a new kite, you'd probably then be more comfortable going bigger as you'll know how to manage the kite and utilise the depower and power when you need it. Many advantages with the safety systems too in gusty weather. Let us know what your options might be and someone will always chime in to give you a helping hand.

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I second bakers comments above.

And Welcome!

A 10m depower is mid range and should be a good fit.

You might even want a little bigger if your looking at the lower performance end of a kite range.

My tip is to get a higher performance kite in the larger sizes (less wind, better performance, faster turning and handling), and go for the lower aspect kites in the bottom sizes.

They will have more gust munching ability (they will be used in stronger winds) and not be as "on edge" to fly compared to a higher performance kite.

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