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What kite is suitable?


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I know nothing about kites.  I've seen other people fly them on beaches and on TV but never actually owned and flew one myself and I'm 35!  My son is 9 and it'd be nice in the dry weather to take him to the local beach to learn how to fly a kite.

I know I'll only need a low budget entry level one to see if he likes and enjoys it but are there any differences between entry level models or are they pretty much the same?  Is there anything I need to look out for?


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What style of kite are you looking for ? I am assuming you are just starting out.

Plan A,

Single line kites are perfect to test the water. and the best ones are kites that you make yourself . especially for the young bloke,

he will cherish it a lot more if he has put the time into making it :)

I am sure others will jump on with suggestion, but first grab yourself a book, 'The Penguin book of kites'


you will grab a second hand copy for about $5.


Plan B,

Buy a kite. now plan b is the tricky one ... What kite do you buy ?

A Single line kite is what we start with, then what we end up flying as we age, eh @.Joel they are fun, you hold on to them and they are pretty.

A dual line kite. (stunt kite) they are just plain fun.... and if you go down this route, buy something small but robust !!! you are going to plow that thing into the ground just a few times.... Prism Jazz is a great kite. its good good construction. flies in a wide range of winds, takes a beating (fibreglass frame) not carbon fibre..

A quad line kite.. four lines goes up down left right backwards forwards..... just a gateway kite to the next bit

A power kite. four lines (generally) pulls like a truck, aids in propelling a buggy.

A single line kite. this is where we all end up eventually.


Good luck my friend. reply back with your location, and we can hook you up with someone near you. you and the little bloke will have a ball.



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Hi @igeighty,

Yes just starting out so complete newbie.  I live in North West of England.  Didn't want to spend a lot of money especially if he doesn't enjoy it.

Is single line pretty much your basic kite like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anpro-Colorful-Adults-String-Outdoor/dp/B07PXPRCD1.  Once I know what style it is I start with, it'll make it much easier haha.


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Exactly that. That is a ‘delta’ they fly pretty well if balanced and are quite stable.

and if he doesn’t like it, it looks good on the wall.

just beware that the line might not be tied onto the end of the handle. So when you let it all out you buy another kite :)

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On 8/3/2021 at 5:36 PM, PJMC1986 said:

I'm 35!  My son is 9 and it'd be nice in the dry weather to take him to the local beach to learn how to fly a kite.

If you want your son to go back to the beach with you to fly a second time don't buy a single line kite :) 

Something new for you and your son to enjoy: http://panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=264&productname= 
Alternatively a second hand Flexifoil Buzz, Sting, Flexifoil Stacker, PKD Buster, Ozone Cult, HQ Beamer etc which there a loads of around the UK for £50 to £70.

There's a good article here on buying your first power kite:


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